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  1. Faustine John Wanjala says:

    please, provide me the calender for your program so that it can be easier for me to select the one which is suitable for us. we insist a training of atleast 3 months on AAS iCE 3000 Series

    • Hi Faustine,
      Hope you are referring to AAS certificate programme. It is planned for this year itself and may be rolled out in next 1-2 months.Keep track on our site for this as well as any programme which is launched.

  2. I wat to measure lead (Pb) ,cadmium (Cd) and aluminum levels and E.coli forms in drinking water ?

    • Hi,
      You can determine the elements using Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy using preferably hydride generation technique for Pb estimation.For e-coli you shall have to resort to microbiological techniques.

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