HPLC Quiz : Test Your Eligibility for Discount on Certificate Program on HPLC

Test Your Eligibility for Discount on Certificate Program on HPLC

Test Your Eligibility for Discount on Certificate Program on HPLC

A unique discount offer is being made to all those who are interested in joining the HPLC certificate program. The free HPLC e-course was developed to help you grasp the HPLC system component modules and upgrade your laboratory skills. We hope that you have benefited from the free e- course. Now it is our turn to evaluate your basic understanding of HPLC through a specially designed quiz on basics.

The quiz comprises of 20 multiple choice questions. Exercise your choices and in case you score 80% or more marks we shall reward you with a 20% discount on the standard course fee of Rs.12,500. As soon as you attempt the quiz quiz your score will be displayed on your screen. Simply proceed with the instructions for joining the program and make your payment of Rs.10,000 using online payment options. On confirmation of payment receipt we shall send you a welcome mail and provide you with your password for access to the program.

We look forward to your becoming an active participant in our lab-training.com group.

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About Dr. Deepak Bhanot

Dr Deepak Bhanot is a seasoned professional having nearly 30 years expertise beginning from sales and product support of analytical instruments. After completing his graduation and post graduation from Delhi University and IIT Delhi he went on to Loughborough University of Technology, UK for doctorate research in analytical chemistry. His mission is to develop training programs on analytical techniques and share his experiences with broad spectrum of users ranging from professionals engaged in analytical development and research as well as young enthusiasts fresh from academics who wish to embark upon a career in analytical industry.


  1. Godfrey says:

    I would like to comment that the test score of 75% awarded me in the quiz is not correct.

    i scored 16 of 20 questions in the quiz but what is registered in 15 correct answers instead of 16 which would put me in the pass mark for 20% discount on the standard course fee of Rs.12,500.

    Please correct the anomaly.

    • Congratulations Godfrey on your score. We shall look into the anomaly. You have qualified for the discounted offer and may proceed with your payment of Rs 10000.In case you face any difficulties please do get in touch with us.

  2. I work in medical laboratory and i mast need traning in pcr techniqe .
    please help me.

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