Guidelines on use of buffers in HPLC separations

Buffers play an important role in Reverse phase HPLC separations. Changes in pH influence the degree of ionization of sample molecules. The change is minimal in case of non-polar molecules but assumes significance in case of polar molecules which are acidic or basic in nature. Changing the pH can be used effectively to separate closely spaced […]

Nature and Types of Ion Exchange Resins

As their names implies ion exchange exchange resins find large number of applications in laboratories and industries. Primarily they find use for replacement of charged ions present in solution with those present in the resin. The most common application is in water softening and treatment plants and several applications are there in liquid chromatographic determination […]

Which Laboratory Distillation Process will meet my requirement?

Distillation is a common laboratory practice used to isolate and purify liquids on the basis of their volatilities characterized by boiling point differences. Distillation, however, results only in partial isolation of liquids present in mixtures. It is important to have clarity on boiling point concept as well as the boiling points of constituents of mixture […]

Management of critical laboratory samples and facilities

In addition to availability of state of art test facilities and skilled manpower it is important for all laboratories to have sound quality management systems in place. However, if due care and control is not exercised over critical laboratory samples and facilities the benefits of quality management systems will get minimized. To make a start […]

Differences between Verification, Calibration and Validation

You have perhaps come across these terms in laboratory documents and wondered that they convey the same meaning so where is the need for different terminology. A little insight will help you understand the fine differences between them. Giving their concise definitions may suffice to gain a basic understanding but to help you get a […]

Training Program on Food Safety Auditing organized for trainees from Ethiopian Food, Medicine, Healthcare Administration and Control Authority (EFMHACA)

In less than a month’s time another training program was organized for trainees from EFMHACA, Ethiopia. It was the fifth training session in a sequence and gives credence to the emergence of our strong relationship with the Ethiopian body. The earlier program on ‘General Quality Management Systems’ was arranged from 3rd to 13th October, 2017. […]

Handling and disposal of toxic laboratory chemicals

A laboratory is a safe place to work provided recommended practices are followed in safe handling and disposal of laboratory chemicals. It is of utmost importance that you should be aware of the hazard potential of chemicals that you are required to use in any study. The best source of such information is the Material […]

Global climatic zone divisions for stability studies on pharmaceuticals

A pharmaceutical manufacturer has manufacturing facilities in single or multiple locations. However, the product can be consumed by patients at locations which can be spread within the country or even in markets across the world. It is natural to expect variations in climatic conditions in different locations so the question arises that will the shelf […]

Considerations in shelf life studies on Pharmaceuticals

A pharmaceutical product is manufactured with the objective of alleviating suffering through the role of the active drug ingredient. However, its effectiveness is limited over time due to natural degradation processes. The degradation is evaluated through shelf life studies. The shelf life is defined as the time over which the drug’s potency claim remains within […]

Everything You Need To Know About Lab Training

Many police departments, hospitals and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are always looking for qualified lab technicians. However, applicants must possess the appropriate credentials to even be considered as good candidates for the job. If you are considered becoming a lab technician, you must first find an accredited program that aims to strengthen the public […]

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