Important Information You Should Consider Regarding Animal Research

A Future Of Chimeras? When it comes to animals used for scientific research, there is good, and it is bad. Consider cosmetics, as an example. Cosmetics aren’t designed for the purpose of causing harm to people. However, you couldn’t very well test cosmetics on people, in case some unexpected allergy or other exigency caused a […]

How to safely carry out laboratory digestions

Digestions become necessary for dissolving solid samples and powders homogeneously in a liquid medium for further analysis. Such samples are not readily soluble and often require harsh treatment with an acid or a combination of acids under application of heat. Two common digestion modes are open acid digestion and microwave digestion. Use of concentrated acids and […]

On-line Training – a boon for learners in today’s age

Traditionally education has been imparted in classrooms in schools, colleges, and universities. In ancient India parents used to send their children to Gurukuls where apart from conventional education the teacher or Guru used to impart knowledge on culture, religion, warfare skills and values that helped the child to grow as an accomplished individual in later […]

How to avoid laboratory spills?

Laboratory spills are avoidable but can happen when least expected and without prior warning. Apart from material damage spills can cause injuries to yourself, your co-workers or to any unsuspecting laboratory visitor. Besides damage and injuries laboratory spills also result in frustrations due to unforeseen delays leading to falling in laboratory workflows. Our earlier article […]

Suggestions for trouble free operation of your HPLC system

Regular maintenance is strongly recommended for a smooth and trouble-free operation of all analytical instruments. In addition, proper handling and operation will also contribute to long service life and quality of data obtained from your instruments. The recommendation is even more significant for HPLC as it is one instrument which works like a workhorse round […]

Tips For Sorting A Scholarship

The post-high school sensation of dreaming big, anticipating the college freedom and aspiring to be on top of the world could all remain to be a mere imagination without capital or appropriate scholarship. Above the financial ability of a family, class, status, and any other parameter, everyone deserves to be educated and empowered in a […]

What Does the Science Say about Vaping?

Science is known to produce solutions to many life dilemmas. Science involves detailed discussions and research on a subject matter. It involves experiments, observation, and research. Before a report is realized, a scientist must do a test, prove and conclude on the subject matter. It is the best way to prove, evaluate and solve a […]

Importance of Laboratory Discipline

Discipline is important for smooth and trouble-free operation in all workplaces. However, it is even more significant in a laboratory because of the presence of toxic and hazardous materials and the nature of operations that are routinely carried out. Safety in the laboratory is an important concern and finds mention in several texts. Carelessness is […]

Storage and Handling of laboratory Standards

Laboratory standards play a crucial role in validation of analysis. It is just not possible to imagine any qualitative or quantitative determination which does not make use of a standard reference material at some stage of its method development and validation. Traceability of the standard material to its origin is an essential pre-requisite for the […]

The Educational Benefits Associated With Traveling

Traveling abroad is something that most people will want to do in their lifetime. Just remember that it is very expensive and will take you away from your studies. The good news is that there are some benefits associated with traveling. When you travel abroad, you’ll actually be able to improve your education. By traveling […]

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