Global climatic zone divisions for stability studies on pharmaceuticals

A pharmaceutical manufacturer has manufacturing facilities in single or multiple locations. However, the product can be consumed by patients at locations which can be spread within the country or even in markets across the world. It is natural to expect variations in climatic conditions in different locations so the question arises that will the shelf […]

Considerations in shelf life studies on Pharmaceuticals

A pharmaceutical product is manufactured with the objective of alleviating suffering through the role of the active drug ingredient. However, its effectiveness is limited over time due to natural degradation processes. The degradation is evaluated through shelf life studies. The shelf life is defined as the time over which the drug’s potency claim remains within […]

Everything You Need To Know About Lab Training

Many police departments, hospitals and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are always looking for qualified lab technicians. However, applicants must possess the appropriate credentials to even be considered as good candidates for the job. If you are considered becoming a lab technician, you must first find an accredited program that aims to strengthen the public […]

Maintenance of Graphite Furnace Atomization Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy Systems

Graphite Furnace Atomization assembly is optionally available along with the flame version for analysis of trace metals on Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy systems. Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy highlights the features and benefits of this option. In order to get highest levels of reliability of results regular maintenance is an absolute must. An earlier article – Tips […]

HPLC – The new age analytical technique!

Analytical chemistry is becoming a popular choice as a career option for students pursuing the discipline of chemistry. The obvious reason is that it applies knowledge of chemistry to gain understanding of chemical properties of materials. It makes valuable contribution in establishing the quality of natural resources and synthetic industrial products for our consumption. The […]

Critical considerations in HPLC solvent selection

Selection of solvents for use as a mobile phase in HPLC analysis is a key component of method development. It is not possible to hava a universal solvent which will meet all applications and more than often a combination of solvents is decided based on the analysis requirements. Selection of suitable solvents is based on […]

Time for review of analytical chemistry course curriculums

Analytical chemistry offers numerous career options in industry, laboratories and academic institutions. This has been possible due to growing demand for mass produced consumer goods and increasing concerns for quality. In addition to quality of products analytical chemistry also contributes significantly to development of new materials with required properties. In earlier days and even to […]

Should negative research findings be rejected outright?

Scientific research is full of ambiguities as well as opportunities. The findings you arrive at depend greatly on the control over experimental conditions. Slightest variations of such conditions can lead to differences in results. The earlier article “Uncertainty of measurements – How to quantify ambiguity of your results” lists out some of the factors that […]

Successful People All Believe That Updating Skills is a Must

Homework is not just the prerogative of students alone but adults also need to update their skills and knowledge so they can remain abreast as professionals. When they come across anything new they tap into the internet so they can be informed about any new development and even online courses in their field of work […]

Simple steps to minimize Column bleed from GC columns

Reduction of column bleed requires first of all a clear understanding of the term. Column bleeding results from thermal breakdown of the stationary phase at temperatures close to the upper temperature limit of the column. The level of bleed depends on the film thickness of the stationary phase layer on the adsorbent. Thick films columns […]

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