Commonly used Colour Measurement Scales

Colour measurements are the basis of several quantitative estimations and are based on light absorbance by the coloured medium. In addition to absorption several methods make use of colour filters for visual matching of colours. The basis of colour of different materials was discussed earlier. Now a question arises can colour be measured and what […]

How to Make an Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay is one that seeks to present a content from the point of view of who writes it and provides the evidence that aims to convince the reader of the content presented. All the topics that are normally addressed in this type of essays are controversial and tend to attract a lot of […]

What does a geographer work?

Many of us who have studied the Geography career have had to face the typical question. But … what does a geographer work? Does that have a future? Well, this article is to respond to all those people who come up with this great existential doubt with which they can’t live another minute, among which […]

Suggested Step-wise approach for training on Sophisticated Analytical Instruments

Age old Classical analysis techniques are being replaced by modern sophisticated instrumental analysis techniques in laboratories across the world. In order to use such instruments to their optimum capacity structured training is essential. A new joinee in a laboratory, especially one fresh from university, has high ambitions and is keen to acquire knowledge about the organization, […]

Suggestions on overcoming data entry errors in laboratories

A laboratory earns its recognition and repute over the years through accurate and timely delivery of analysis reports. Undoubtedly trained and skilled manpower and availability of advanced testing facilities make significant contributions towards achievement of such cherished goals. However, all the laurels earned through sustained efforts can be brought to a naught if unnoticed mistakes […]

Differences between flame and plasma excitation sources in trace metal analysis systems

An excitation source is an essential requirement for trace metal determinations. The two well established techniques are Flame Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS) and Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectroscopy (ICP) both of which require an excitation source.AAS commonly makes use of a flame whereas ICP employs a plasma excitation source. A question now arises that are both flame […]

Safe handling of Laboratory Glassware

Glassware is the most common commodity in a laboratory. Laboratory glassware is a lot different from kitchen glassware used in households as it is designed for special purposes and requires delicate handling. It is important to bear in mind that laboratory glassware is to be used exclusively for laboratory applications and should not be taken […]

Intermediate Controls on Laboratory Working Standards

Working standards play a critical role in any laboratory. The results of any analysis are meaningful only when they are related to a reference standard material. Under ideal circumstances a certified reference material should be used every time an analysis is performed but this is not a practical proposition as the cost of certified reference […]

Temperature Measurement devices in laboratories

Temperature is defined as the degree of hotness or coldness of a body. In a laboratory temperature measurements are used to establish purity of substances (melting point and boiling point), control over distillation processes, reaction kinetic studies and in several other measurements such as viscosity, density, phase transition studies, determination of flash points of flammable […]

Improve reproducibility of syringe injections for GC analysis

Reliable quantitative analysis requires high degree of reproducibility of sample volume injections. Auto samplers provide the desired reproducibility of injection volumes and in addition automate the analysis sequence thereby saving your precious time. However, even to this day, syringe manual injections are the most widely used sample injection technique. Syringe injection requires development of right […]

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