Importance of Physical examination of samples prior to analysis

A sample received for analysis needs to be examined for its uniformity of composition and freedom from cracks, loose seals or leaking containers before undertaking its analysis.

Measurement of Gas volumes in Laboratories

Measurement of gas volume contributes to studies on reaction rates and commercial viability of chemical and biochemical processes in which a gas Is a by-product. Additionally measurement of volumes of vapours are also required for determination of molecular weights of volatile liquids by Victor – Meyer method. Measurement of volumes of liquids in comparison is […]

Safe handling practices for laboratory Cryogens

Cryogens are essential requirements in research and analytical testing laboratories . They help improve the sensitivity and resolution of some analysis techniques to levels which are not achievable at room temperatures. However, there are some hazards associated with their use. Some safe handling suggestions are provided in the current article which will help avoid laboratory mishaps. Transportation […]

Hazard potential of laboratory Cryogens

Liquid nitrogen and liquid helium are two common cryogens found in laboratories housing sophisticated analytical instruments. Both exist as harmless gases at room temperature but have very low boiling points. Nitrogen has a boiling point of and helium has a still lower boiling point of which is just 4 degrees the above absolute zero temperature. Such […]

Tips for Air Compressor Maintenance

An Air Compressor is a vital piece of equipment in commercial organizations and manufacturing industries. It also plays a vital role in sophisticated instrument laboratories requiring a source of compressed air such as gas chromatograph and atomic absorption spectrometer. The compressed air quality in laboratory needs to be free from impurities such as dust, oil […]

Laboratory Cryogens and their uses

Cryogens are materials with boiling points below which find applications in laboratories requiring extremely low temperatures. Such materials boil well below room temperature and on sudden exposure to room temperature can result in uncontrolled boiling. Cryogenic materials require special handling, storage and transportation. For common laboratory applications a vacuum jacketed dewar is sufficient. A loose […]

It’s All About Online Books through E-Commerce Facilities

For Complete and thorough  understanding, let us first understand – What is meant by E-commerce? E- commerce is the online transaction done through digital payment.In  simple terms, we can say that it’s an online buying and selling of goods and services over the internet.As we know, books are the primary teacher of every person.The good […]

Useful Tips on safe use of laboratory heating devices

Heating is an essential requirement in laboratories for carrying out common operations such as: Purification of solvents by distillation Extractions using rotary evaporators Studies on kinetics of chemical reactions Determination of physical parameters such as boiling point, melting point, flashpoint, etc Sample digestions Drying of cleaned glassware for subsequent use Drying of precipitates or determinations […]

Why mobile phones are not permitted in laboratories?

Mobile phones today have become an essential necessity. Initially they offered convenience of communicating without dependence on fixed landlines. However, with passage of time their utility has far exceeded their cost. It is so much convenient nowadays to communicate with anyone anywhere in the world, make airline or railway reservations, get directions on locations, order […]

Urgent need for conserving water in laboratories

Water is of vital commodity for sustenance of life on the planet. Nature has evolved very systematic approach towards water conversation through evaporation from water bodies, cloud formation, rains and eventual return to water bodies through flowing rivers and streams. It is a delicate balance of nature which gets disturbed by human activities. Water is […]

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