Prevention of accidents in Laboratory Stores

Laboratory stores play a significant role in the efficient working of laboratories. Stores maintain stocks of chemicals, utilities, and consumables which are required by chemists. It is true that not all items pose hazards but materials that have hazard potential include: Toxic and poisonous chemicals Flammable solvents Corrosive liquids including strong acids Compressed Gases Highly […]

Damage Control in laboratory accidents involving glassware

Laboratory glassware comes in different sizes and shapes depending on usage requirements. Common glassware items that you normally come across in laboratories are beakers, flasks, tubes, and vials, measuring cylinders, condensers reagent bottles, Petri dishes, burettes, pipettes, weighing bottles, etc. All such items are delicate and require safe handling practices. Accidents can, however, occur most […]

How to take care of Sophisticated Analytical Instruments

Sophisticated analytical instruments are gaining entry into all laboratories at an unbelievable pace. The reasons are many but the prominent ones are the availability of advanced applications software requiring little or no operator intervention once the operating conditions are set. Advanced statistical treatment of data and calculations are carried out in seconds and results along […]

Coordination & Strong Communication-Pillars of success of Laboratory Operations

Harmony and cordial relations between individuals and groups play an important role in streamlined and efficient operations in an organization. The same holds true for a laboratory where different individuals play defined roles and unless there is a close coordination between them the output will be chaotic and unproductive. A laboratory comprises of several groups […]

The Use of Band Stop Filters in Laboratories

Filters are used in radio communications to enable radio receivers to receive the desired signal while rejecting all other signals. The filters are also commonly used in DC power supplies to eliminate undesired high frequencies as well as on a power supply’s output to reduce ripple. The filters are also used in audio electronics and […]

Evolution and innovations in ICP-MS Spectroscopy

Inductively Coupled     Plasma- Mass Spectroscopy (ICP-MS) is the optimum choice when you have to carry out ultra-trace level determinations of metals and other elements. The obvious reason is that it offers innumerable advantages over the other popular technique Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy. ICP-MS systems are manufactured by several reputed manufacturers such as  Perkin Elmer, Agilent, Shimadzu, […]

Why Graphite Furnace Atomization gives higher sensitivity over Flame Atomization

You may have all along heard that for higher detection limits you should opt for graphite furnace atomization instead of flame atomization. I presume that this was taken for granted without going into the reasoning behind the statement. The first step is to have a basic understanding of the fundamental concept of the two popular […]

Scope of ICP-MS applications

ICP-MS is acclaimed widely as the most sensitive and accurate technique for analysis of traces metals. It has an established application base in studies on pharmaceutical and food products. However, there are some other areas as well where ICP-MS has made inroads and regulatory bodies across the world have specified ICP-MS as the recommended technique […]

Quick ways to improve marks and finish homework on time.

Many students are looking to find ways of improving their marks and finishing their homework in time. We collected a list of TOP-7 tips on how to stay motivated while doing your homework. For those of you who don’t have time and need a homework help immediately, we recommend visiting one of the homework helping […]

Understanding the response factors of a GC detector

Gas Liquid Chromatography (GLC) or simply Gas chromatography (GC)is a versatile technique that helps identify and quantify constituent compounds of complex organic mixtures. Primarily such compounds should be volatile in nature and should not decompose at high temperatures inside the injector and the column oven.  The technique offers a wide choice of detectors. For any […]

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