Characteristic properties of commonly used laboratory plastic materials

A laboratory chemist is always on the lookout for container materials which can be used for handling and dispensing of all types of solvents, chemicals, oils, etc. However, this dream has remained unfulfilled for ages. In the last few decades plastics have supplemented common glassware as they have provided some viable options. Deciding between glass […]

Deciding between Glass and Plastic laboratory ware

Glassware items such as round bottom flasks, volumetric flasks, conical flasks, beakers, test tubes, vials, pipettes, burettes, measuring cylinders and petri-dishes are a common sight in any laboratory. In earlier times all such items were made of glass. However, over the years plastic ware has made a significant presence and is becoming increasingly popular. The […]

Requirement based cleaning of Laboratory Glassware

A laboratory makes use of several glassware items such as volumetric flasks, burettes, pipettes, beakers, watch glasses, specific gravity bottles,vials,petri dishes, graduated cylinders, etc. Such items are not disposables and are used repeatedly. However, the quality of analytical results is dependent to a large extent on their cleanliness and freedom from contamination. Laboratory glassware cleaning […]

Micropipette – A Boon for the Analytical Scientist

An analytical scientist is required to accurately dispense volumes of liquids from μl to ml levels with a high degree of accuracy. This is true in applications ranging from classical to advanced instrumental analysis . Most advanced instruments these days come equipped with auto-samplers where pre- programmed volumes of samples and wash solvents are transferred unattended thereby […]

Need for Repeat Testing of Laboratory Samples

Analytical data should be forwarded for reporting only after you have full confidence on the results. At times the reason to doubt your results becomes obvious and the results need to be reinvestigated. Some reasons for reinvestigation are already covered in the earlier article – Honest reporting of laboratory incidents. In addition to the obvious […]

Honest reporting of laboratory incidents

Ethical practices play a key role in all professional fields and more so in laboratory operations because your customers have no reason to doubt your reports and place unquestioned confidence in the results communicated to them. Just imagine the degree of damage they suffer due to wrong decisions taken based on incorrect reports and the loss […]

What is the need for Analytical Method Validation?

Before you plan analysis of a sample in your laboratory you should be aware of the essential details of the sample like its homogeneity, its physical state, available quantity and its stability. It is also essential to know the requirements of analysis such as: Components to be detected and quantified Expected concentration levels Nature of […]

Handling and Care of Sophisticated Analytical Instruments

Analytical instruments are delicate equipments which require care during handling in order to preserve their ability to generate data of greatest accuracy and reliability. Sophisticated analytical instruments include systems such as chromatographs, spectrometers, hyphenated mass spectroscopic systems, x-ray diffractometers, particle size analyzers,etc. There are other laboratory instruments which are used as aids in laboratory analysis […]

Suggested approach for imparting training on advanced analytical techniques

Today advanced analytical techniques have established themselves firmly in modern laboratories across the world. As a university student you would have become familiar with such techniques and their capabilities but maybe you never had an opportunity to visit a state of art laboratory housing such facilities. It is but natural that on your first exposure […]

Testimonial on training program organized for trainees from EFMHACA, Ethiopia

‘Management of Supplies, Standards and Reference Standards’ from 18-22 Oct 2016   We have successfully our completed training program on Warehouse Management for chemicals, medicines and reference materials at Arbro Pharmaceuticals Private Ltd, New Delhi from 18th-22nd October 2016 which was arranged specially for us. It was our good fortune to be associated with our […]

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