Honest reporting of laboratory incidents

Ethical practices play a key role in all professional fields and more so in laboratory operations because your customers have no reason to doubt your reports and place unquestioned confidence in the results communicated to them. Just imagine the degree of damage they suffer due to wrong decisions taken based on incorrect reports and the loss […]

What is the need for Analytical Method Validation?

Before you plan analysis of a sample in your laboratory you should be aware of the essential details of the sample like its homogeneity, its physical state, available quantity and its stability. It is also essential to know the requirements of analysis such as: Components to be detected and quantified Expected concentration levels Nature of […]

Handling and Care of Sophisticated Analytical Instruments

Analytical instruments are delicate equipments which require care during handling in order to preserve their ability to generate data of greatest accuracy and reliability. Sophisticated analytical instruments include systems such as chromatographs, spectrometers, hyphenated mass spectroscopic systems, x-ray diffractometers, particle size analyzers,etc. There are other laboratory instruments which are used as aids in laboratory analysis […]

Suggested approach for imparting training on advanced analytical techniques

Today advanced analytical techniques have established themselves firmly in modern laboratories across the world. As a university student you would have become familiar with such techniques and their capabilities but maybe you never had an opportunity to visit a state of art laboratory housing such facilities. It is but natural that on your first exposure […]

Testimonial on training program organized for trainees from EFMHACA, Ethiopia

‘Management of Supplies, Standards and Reference Standards’ from 18-22 Oct 2016   We have successfully our completed training program on Warehouse Management for chemicals, medicines and reference materials at Arbro Pharmaceuticals Private Ltd, New Delhi from 18th-22nd October 2016 which was arranged specially for us. It was our good fortune to be associated with our […]

Greetings to all Teachers on Teacher’s Day – from Lab–Training.com

“Each One Teach One” On the occasion of teacher’s day today Lab–Training.com wishes to express gratitude to all teachers who have contributed to make us what we are today. India celebrates teacher’s day each year on 5th September which coincides with the birth anniversary of its second president Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan who was an eminent […]

How to effectively train new laboratory entrants on advanced instrumental analysis techniques?

Today laboratories across the world are fast adopting advanced instrumental analysis techniques as they offer advantages of speed, time saving and freedom from personal errors. The benefits offered by modern analytical instrumental methods over non-instrumental methods have already been discussed earlier. A new entrant may or may not have past exposure to such techniques and can […]

How are X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) and X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) different?

Both XRD and XRF are material characterization techniques which have gained popularity in the past several decades. In simple layman terms X-ray fluorescence is a technique for determination of the elemental composition of the sample without differentiating between the different chemical compounds that are present in the sample. On the other hand x-ray diffraction provides […]

Contribution of Instrumental Techniques towards advances in Analytical Chemistry

Analytical chemistry owes its beginnings to classical analysis techniques. What makes classical analysis techniques popular even today acknowledges the contribution of classical analysis to advances in analytical method developments. It also emphasizes the fact that to gain a sound hold on advanced analytical instruments you have to have a good grasp over the basics of classical […]

Welcome 4 new elements to the Periodic Table

History was created last week when 4 new elements were simultaneously added to the periodic table. These elements are : Nihonium or Nh , Z = 113 Moscovium or Mc, Z = 115 Tennessine or Ts, Z = 117 Oganesson or Og, Z= 118 The four new elements officially complete the 7th row of the […]

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