Handling and Disposal of Special Materials in Medical Laboratories and Hospitals

Medical laboratories and hospitals consume materials having potential hazards such as microbiological bacteria, corrosive chemicals, compressed gases,and flammable solvents, etc. Safe handling and disposal practices for such materials are adequately covered in common guidelines. However, besides such products potentially hazardous materials are often handled in such premises which include radioactive isotopes, cytotoxic materials, mutagens and […]

Intermediate checking on Working Standards

Working standards play a crucial role in chemical analysis. Comparison with a standard is essential for both identification and quantification of unknown components of samples. In other words a standard serves to authenticate an analysis. Ideally a certified reference material bearing traceability to national or international standardization bodies is essential every time an analysis is […]

Management of Critical Laboratory supplies and samples

A laboratory makes use of several materials and consumables in the course of its routine operations. Such materials can be classified into different categories such as Routine supplies and consumables Standard reference materials Samples under proficiency test studies The number of items used in the laboratory is vast and depends to a large extent on […]

Essentials of Sample Management for Commercial Product Testing Laboratories

Efficient sample management plays a significant role in increasing productivity and profits of commercial testing laboratories. An earlier article titled Sample Management – key to success of laboratory operations covered some useful guidelines that should be adopted during different stages of testing from receipt till disposal of samples post-analysis. The present article recommends a set of […]

Importance of Material Safety Data Sheets in Laboratories and Warehouses

The safety of workers in laboratories and warehouses storing chemicals is a joint responsibility of all. This statement is often boldly displayed in concerned departments. However, every laboratory or warehouse worker cannot be expected to know the properties and hazards of all materials and therefore it is important to realize that safety can be implemented […]

Laboratory Warehouse Safety – Whose responsibility is it?

A laboratory exposes you to hazardous materials such as toxic and poisonous chemicals, flammable solvents, corrosive liquids, highly reactive chemicals and explosive materials. Specialized laboratories, in addition, can also require handling and storage of radio- isotopes, dangerous microbes and viruses. Such laboratories should also have provision for safe storage and handling of such materials. Aspects […]

Are Proficiency Testing and Inter- Laboratory Comparisons the same?

Technically speaking they are different but both Proficiency testing and Inter-laboratory comparisons serve a common objective – to validate test procedures adopted in a laboratory and build confidence amongst clients, auditors, accrediting and regulatory bodies on the competence of a laboratory’s capabilities to carry out a particular analysis and report results with highest degree of […]

Importance of Laboratory Instrument Calibration

Critical decisions concerning quality of manufactured goods and publication of research findings are often based on results of laboratory analysis. Laboratory instruments are designed to provide analysis results of high reliability. You must have wondered what all factors contribute to your confidence on the results generated by an analytical instrument. Let us first list out […]

Suggested Practices to keep your laboratory contamination free

‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’ is a saying which holds true for any work place but it is greatly relevant for a laboratory. The article How good hygiene practices contribute to laboratory safety and quality of results provided some useful suggestions for good laboratory housekeeping and its implementation through self-discipline. The present article discusses some measures […]

Laboratory documentation – A must for all laboratories!

The day you decide to make analytical chemistry your future career you have decided to take upon yourself a great social responsibility which will rest on your ethical code of conduct. Job responsibilities of an analytical chemist has already highlighted such responsibilities. In order to carry out your duties as an analytical chemist you have to […]

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