Training Program on Food Safety Auditing organized for trainees from Ethiopian Food, Medicine, Healthcare Administration and Control Authority (EFMHACA)

In less than a month’s time another training program was organized for trainees from EFMHACA, Ethiopia. It was the fifth training session in a sequence and gives credence to the emergence of our strong relationship with the Ethiopian body. The earlier program on ‘General Quality Management Systems’ was arranged from 3rd to 13th October, 2017. […]

Training Program on General Quality Management Systems organized for trainees from EFMHACA, Ethiopia

Our association with Ethiopian Food, Medicine and Healthcare Administration and Control Authority (EFMHACA) is over 2 years old now. We feel proud to acknowledge the strenthening of our relationship through several training programs on laboratory testing techniques and managerial practices over the period. The recent program was organized on General Quality Management Systems from 3rd […]

Training Testimonial on training program specially organized for trainee from Rwanda Standards Board , Rwanda

A 10- day training program has been completed on Testing Techniques on Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices for Ms Pacifique Uwamariya, Director of Medical Testing Unit at Rwanda Standards Board, Rwanda from 9th May- 19th May 2017 in our laboratories in New Delhi. The training was completely laboratory oriented and covered exposure to testing techniques like […]

Training on Advanced Analytical Techniques in pharmaceutical and food products testing for trainees from EFMHACA, Ethiopia, April 10- 21, 2017

Trainees receiving training certificates from Dr Deepak Bhanot and Dr Praveen Baliyan Close on the heels of the training program on Basic Analytical Techniques and Microbiology testing the training program on Advanced Analytical Techniques was attended by three senior laboratory chemists from the same organization. The topics covered included Method selection and validation alongwith a […]

Training on Basic Analytical Techniques and Microbiological testing for trainees from EFMHACA, Ethiopia 20th March- 31st March, 2017

Analytical Chemistry forms the backbone for ensuring high standards of quality in several industrial manufacturing sectors.It plays an even more significant role in pharmaceuticals sector as results reported are crucial to the safe use of pharma products over extended time periods by patients. Training program on basic analytical techniques and microbiology testing was held from […]

Testimonial on training program organized for trainees from EFMHACA, Ethiopia

‘Management of Supplies, Standards and Reference Standards’ from 18-22 Oct 2016   We have successfully our completed training program on Warehouse Management for chemicals, medicines and reference materials at Arbro Pharmaceuticals Private Ltd, New Delhi from 18th-22nd October 2016 which was arranged specially for us. It was our good fortune to be associated with our […]

Training on Operation of Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (Flame& Graphite Versions)

A fully laboratory oriented training was conducted in our Trace metals analysis section from 3rd Nov-7th Nov, 2015 for Mr Babangida Jungudo from Department of Geology, Gombe State University, Nigeria. Mr Jungudo heads the analytical laboratory in the Geology Department of the University. He utilized the opportunity to gain practical hands on experience and clear […]

On-line Certificate Program on Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy – Join Now

Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy provides cost-effective solutions for analysis of trace metals in the entire range of natural and man-made materials such as environmental samples, geological samples, minerals, agricultural produce and soils, foods and drinking water, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, health food supplements, forensic specimens, archaeological artifacts, toys, etc. AAS offers benefits of speed, sensitivity and precision over the […]

Useful tips for appearing for a Job Interview

The current topic is not directly related to laboratory practices but will certainly prove useful in gaining your coveted job. An interview provides you a first-hand opportunity to interact with the prospective employer and evaluate the workplace environment. The impression which you leave at the time of interview certainly helps tilt the scales in your […]

How to extract maximum benefit from a laboratory training program?

It is easy to pick up concepts and basics on laboratory techniques from books, technical journals and Internet but if such learning can be supplemented with exposure to a laboratory it will will be a definite value addition. Laboratory training is like getting a first-hand insight into what you can expect if you aspire for […]

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