Training on Operation of Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (Flame& Graphite Versions)

A fully laboratory oriented training was conducted in our Trace metals analysis section from 3rd Nov-7th Nov, 2015 for Mr Babangida Jungudo from Department of Geology, Gombe State University, Nigeria. Mr Jungudo heads the analytical laboratory in the Geology Department of the University. He utilized the opportunity to gain practical hands on experience and clear […]

On-line Certificate Program on Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy – Join Now

Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy provides cost-effective solutions for analysis of trace metals in the entire range of natural and man-made materials such as environmental samples, geological samples, minerals, agricultural produce and soils, foods and drinking water, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, health food supplements, forensic specimens, archaeological artifacts, toys, etc. AAS offers benefits of speed, sensitivity and precision over the […]

Useful tips for appearing for a Job Interview

The current topic is not directly related to laboratory practices but will certainly prove useful in gaining your coveted job. An interview provides you a first-hand opportunity to interact with the prospective employer and evaluate the workplace environment. The impression which you leave at the time of interview certainly helps tilt the scales in your […]

How to extract maximum benefit from a laboratory training program?

It is easy to pick up concepts and basics on laboratory techniques from books, technical journals and Internet but if such learning can be supplemented with exposure to a laboratory it will will be a definite value addition. Laboratory training is like getting a first-hand insight into what you can expect if you aspire for […]

India’s Emergence as International Training Hub

India is fast becoming a preferred training destination for students and professionals from developing countries. Numerous factors have contributed to the impressive increase in flow of overseas students and sponsored trainees. The article explores some of the main factors that have contributed to the impressive inflow of foreign trainees to India. Technical Manpower India enjoys […]

How to update your professional skills and knowledge against all odds?

Today is the age of cut throat competition in all professional fields. One cannot afford to remain ignorant of advances taking place in one’s profession. If you’re looking forward to a steady growth you have to remain updated throughout your career span. Remember there is no age limit for learning and no one can claim […]

What are the Benefits of Training and Skill Upgradation?

You should consider yourself fortunate that after completing your university education you have landed in your coveted job. However, bear in mind that it is easier to get into a job but much more difficult to sustain it. If you do not keep yourself updated on the developments in your chosen field and also do […]

Arbro Pharmaceuticals Limited Awarded for Excellence in Training & Development

Arbro Pharmaceuticals limited is delighted in receiving “The Excellence in Training and Development Award 2013” for 10 Best Training & Development Practices in Private Sector by the Human Resources Development Management Committee of the World HRD Congress on 29th June, 2013 at Taj Lands End, Bandra, Mumbai. It is the only award of its kind […]

10 Tips to become an effective learner!!!

Learning is a lifelong process and our daily experiences leave everlasting impressions on our subconscious mind which moulds our personality. Each day one is exposed to new ideas. Learning is a focused approach that helps retain specific information related to one’s need and curiosity satisfaction. You can develop your power of assimilation by adopting some […]

Keep Learning to Keep Succeeding

As a budding professional you have already charted your progression plans and have a keen desire for : • Recognition in your profession or industry • Expertise in your area of specialization • Preparation for your coveted career • Better scope for promotions or entry into the industry

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