High Performance Liquid Chromatography

High Performance Liquid Chromatography

HPLC has played a key role in development of separation science with major contributions in pharmaceutical, food industry, life sciences and basic research. The application base is widening day by day due to advances in instrumentation and technological progress in basic chemistry. The employment prospects are high for a person having a good understanding of HPLC in such areas. A large increase in numbers of quality control, method development and drug development laboratories has further contributed to the demand for skilled HPLC professionals.

Our HPLC programme provides an insight into both theoretical aspect and practical hands on experience in analysis of diverse range of samples and also an added benefit of interaction with our technical experts.  The programme is designed to provide skills related to operation and maintenance of systems for trouble free performance. The learner is also exposed to general operational procedures that at times get overlooked in university education but are of paramount importance in industry. At end of the programme we award a certificate of successful completion of the programme and also provide placement assistance and guidance to job aspiring trainees.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    would you please provide us the time table of this course?

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  2. l missed this course, is there a way l can get access the info regarding HPLC

  3. Please provide HPLC Training for our 2 executives at your premises for hand on practises sa well as trouble shooting etc please provide the quotation for the said course.

  4. HPLC training regarding troubleshooting is very important to be expert in HPLC instrument. So, hope to see the training regarding trouble shooting of HPLC


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