What would you like to learn after the Pharmaceutical Preformulation E-Course?

1700+ Subscribers to the Pharmaceutical Preformulation Course, Thank You!
1700+ Subscribers to the Pharmaceutical Preformulation Course, Thank You!

Our recent Free E-Course titled “Pharmaceutical Preformulation: Basics and Industrial Applications” has been quite successful with your support.

We are happy to share with you that more than 1700 people from over 100 countries have so far participated in our online course on pharmaceutical preformulation and more and more are joining the course each day. If you have not yet joined the course on pharmaceutical preformulation you can do so by signing up on this page.

Our team is working hard to offer you, more and more relevant content, which will help you achieve your professional goals. But your opinion is essential to our success so take a few minutes to help us develop content that you need and like.

Please help us by sharing your inputs and suggestions on what you would like to see covered in our future courses related to pharmaceutical development and technology.

Here is a small list of topics that we are thinking on covering –

  1. Reverse engineering to aid formulation development of generic products
  2. Effect of solid state properties on performance of drug products
  3. Pharmaceutical amorphous solids – Basics and practical aspects
  4. Understanding material properties for ‘quality by design’
  5. Application of preformulation studies in formulation development of oral solid dosage forms
  6. Any thing you want to learn and feel there is a need for in the industry

We will be developing one of the topics selected by you into a multimedia, online course with videos and step by step guides. We are also considering offering certificates for completion of the upcoming courses, as they will be much more elaborate and exhaustive. What are your views on that?

Please rank these topics in your order of preference or suggest other topics of your choice by leaving a message in the comments below.

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  1. it was quite informatic short and presice material you provide by this e cource.
    i think technology transfer in pharma field is new topic and very few knew about it so if you can discuse something about it then it would be more worthful.

  2. It’s helpful and beneficial topic .

    on my opinion i suggest also excipients properties and selection upon different criterias , beside i agree with tech transfer topic .

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