AAS Quiz : Avail Pre-launch Discount on Certificate Course on Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy!


Select the right choices to earn the discount!

The discount  Quiz was published in June but course launch was delayed .You shall be pleased to know that the Certificate Course on Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy is due for launch any time now and the offer stands extended till midnight of 24th Sept 2014. You are invited to attempt the multiple answer choice quiz which will help you evaluate your level of understanding of Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy and will inspire you to know more. On our part we shall reward you with a whopping 20% discount on the cost fee of Indian Rs.12,500 in case your score is 80% or above and in such case you have to pay only Rs 10,000. As soon as you complete the quiz your score will be displayed on your screen. Your performance will be entered in our record so that we can offer you the promised discount at the time of course launch.

In order to avail the attractive discount offer please provide your details in the registration box before attempting the quiz.

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