Why is it important to participate in Interlaboratory Comparison Programmes?

Review of results of Interlaboratory test results

Review of results of Interlaboratory test results

In today’s competitive environment it is not possible for any laboratory to exist in isolation. Your laboratory may have talented manpower in addition to top end test facilities but even then you cannot be absolutely sure that the results communicated will always be correct without any scope of doubt.

Interlaboratory comparisons serve the purpose of validating the capability of your laboratory to provide accurate and reliable results within permissible levels of uncertainty to your customers and also to ensure that the adopted analytical method is suitable for the intended purpose. All accredited laboratories are required to participate in inter laboratory testing programmes to uphold their technical competence and make their results acceptable to their customers.

Interlaboratory comparisons serve three basic objectives:
  • Validation of a test method and establishment of the degree of uncertainty of results
  • Establishing the suitability of the reference material used for the purpose
  • Assessing the r reliability of test results obtained by the participating laboratories

The reference sample is selected and its analysis value is established but this value is not known to other participating laboratories. The sample is distributed amongst the participating laboratories and their independently reported test values are compared with the known value so as to establish the differences from known value and arrive at uncertainty limits.

Inter laboratory comparisons provide you an excellent opportunity to validate your laboratory performance and measurement processes. It reflects in totality a combination of practices adopted such as validity of the adopted procedure, quality systems, traceability of working standards and training competence of laboratory workers. It also helps to introspect your operations and take appropriate corrective actions from time to time.

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