Training programme on ‘Sterility Testing using Sterile Room HVAC and Microbiological assay of Antibiotics’

A hands on training was arranged in our Microbiology Division in New Delhi from 15th -25th September 2015 specially for two trainees (Mr. Francis Thomson Mwampamba and Ms Mwanamvua Ridhiwani Ngena) from Tanzania Food & Drugs Authority, Tanzania.


After familiarization with our standard operating and test procedures on the subject practical hands-on training was provided on preparation of culture media,slant preparation for sub-culturing and streaking of culture for assay followed by incubation procedures and zone measurements for assay calculations. Special emphasis was placed on hands on training for sample testing under sterile conditions and procedures adopted for sterile room qualification. Dr Saurabh Arora, our Executive Director, who has been a part of setting up all the test facilities of Auriga Research Ltd shared his views on Sterile room HVAC design requirements based on his experience.

The training was well received and appreciated by the participants who showed confidence on making effective use of available facilities on returning back to their parent organization. See  vote of thanks from Mr Francis Thomson Mwampamba.


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