Training on Operation of Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (Flame& Graphite Versions)

Training on Operation of Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (Flame& Graphite Versions)

A fully laboratory oriented training was conducted in our Trace metals analysis section from 3rd Nov-7th Nov, 2015 for Mr Babangida Jungudo from Department of Geology, Gombe State University, Nigeria.


Mr Jungudo heads the analytical laboratory in the Geology Department of the University. He utilized the opportunity to gain practical hands on experience and clear his doubts on certain operational aspects of Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy. He expressed his appreciation and hoped that his visit would pave the way for future training visits from his university as well as other universities in the region.He shared his training experience with us which is reproduced below:

“I sincerely appreciate and express my thanks to Arbro Pharmaceuticals, Ltd, Analytical Division for arranging the training on Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy.

My dream of becoming a good AAS user was achieved at this organization because it was here that I actualized/ converted my theoretical knowledge into practical knowledge with the help of trained and experienced staff of Arbro Pharmaceuticals Analytical Division.

Lastly I wish to express my thanks to the Vice President- Training & Development,Dr Deepak Bhanot for the confidence and trust he placed on me through internet communications and also to the entire staff for their support in realization of my cherished dream.

Thank you all and God Bless You.”

Babangida Jungudo
Department of Geology,
Gombe State University

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  1. it’s amazing to read the above comment by my counterpart from gombe state university. Dr Bhanot, can you extend the same arm of training to me? I am in need of training on gc-ms & hplc. I am working as a Scientist at Multidisciplinary Central Research Laboratory, University of Ibadan.

    1. Thanks for your interest. we shall be pleased to extend the training to you.You can provide me further details on your requirements on my mail id so that I may advice further.

  2. Iam elated to come across your training programs on the net. Iam been searching for such opportunity. Kindly notify me on next time of your training. Meanwhile Iam a graduate of geology/mining technologist from Nigeria, about to establish a private analytical laboratory in Lagos. Thank you sir for your kind advise and response. Dan Maji

    1. Dear Dan Maji,
      Thanks a lot for your kind words on our efforts.Our online training programs are available anytime and anywhere.In case you wish to register for any of the certificate programs you are welcome to do so by following the instructions on the site.In case you have any difficulty please do contact me on my e-mail id, in case you desire we can offer you technical guidance in setting up of your laboratory provided you share the scope of testing services that you intend to provide.


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