Molarity Calculator

Molarity Calculator
Molarity Calculator

A molarity calculator is a very handy tool for anybody working in the laboratory as molarity is one of the most commonly used units for expressing the concentration of a solution. You can use the calculator below to automatically calculate molarity.

What is Molarity?

Molarity is defined as the gram moles of a solute present in one liter of a solution.

How is the molarity of a solution expressed?

Molarity is typically written as a number followed by a capital M, for example a one molar solution of sodium hydroxide will be written as 1M NaOH.

What is a Molar Solution?

A Molar solution of a solute is defined as a solution containing 1 gm mole of the solute in 1 L of the solution.

What is the formula for calculating molarity?

Molarity of solution = gram weight of solute in the solution / Molecular weight of solute x 1000/ml of solution

You can use the molarity calculator given below to calculate the molarity of any solution; you simply need to enter the weight of the solute added to the solution, molecular weight of the solute and volume of the solution prepared into the peach coloured fields of the molarity calculator.

For example if you have prepared a solution by adding 100 gm of sodium hydroxide, having molecular weight of 40,  in 1000 ml of water the molarity calculator will calculate the molarity as 2.5 M.

How can I calculate the weight of solute to be taken for preparing an “X” Molar solution?

Rather than calculating the molarity of a solution are more common use of the formula of molarity is for calculating the weight of solute to be taken for preparing the target molar concentration.

Molarity Calculator:

You can use the molarity calculator given below for easily performing this calculation. Simply enter the target molarity, volume of solution to be prepared, molecular weight of the solute and the purity of the solute you are using into the molarity calculator.

To try the molarity calculator you can assume that you want to prepare a 1M NaOH solution, using 100% pure sodium hydroxide. Enter 1  in front of molarity of solution to be prepared, 40 in molecular weight of solute, 1000 in ml of solution to be prepared and hundred as the purity of solute. You will get the results has 40 gm of NaOH from the molarity calculator.


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