Free Introduction to Gas Chromatography

   “It is possible to fly without motors, but not without knowledge and Skill”     

                                                                                                                      —      Wilbur Wright


The overwhelming response to the HPLC free e-learning course has encouraged me to move ahead with the other courses announced earlier. It was a difficult choice to decide which course to launch next but based on opinion poll I decided to launch the GC programme and the next popular choice of free AAS course will follow soon thereafter. I understand that everyone has busy work schedules and today’s hectic life style leaves you little or no time to refer voluminous books to learn any technique. However, for sustained growth learning has to be adopted as a lifelong habit. In an effort to make your learning task easy we embarked upon the e-learning course comprising of 10 modules which shall be forwarded to you in a phased manner. Each module of 200-300 words length will provide functional aspects of GC and also present useful practical tips. Reading a module and understanding it will not take more than about 10 minutes and you will get ample time to assimilate the content before you move to the next module. The free programme is designed to give an insight into the technique and once your interest is captivated you can opt for full time advanced online or contact programmes. Such programmes will offer additional benefits of practical exposure and interaction with our technical experts.

The programme is divided into 10 modules covering:

1. Introduction to GC Course and its Objectives

2. Evolution of Gas Chromatography

3. Introduction to GC and its parts

4. Role of Gases in GC

5. Types of GC injectors

6. Types of GC Columns

7. Types of Stationary Phases

8. Types of GC Detectors

9. Gas Chromatography Applications

10. Top 10 Interview Questions on GC

Your comments and suggestions for improvement are welcome. Please share with your friends and colleagues so that others interested can also take benefit of our free e-learning initiative on analytical techniques.

Wishing you success in your pursuits and looking forward to our long time association.

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