Introduction to Paper Chromatography

Paper Chromatography is one of the earliest and simplest chromatographic techniques which has matured over the years alongwith other advanced versions such as TLC, HPLC ,GC and hyphenated techniques. It offers low-cost solutions for separation, identification and quantification of components of organic mixtures. Visualization of separated components affords real time monitoring of separation processes and post-separation development of colour provides long time record-keeping options.

The e-course will prove useful for:

  • College and University students
  • Product development scientists
  • Quality Contol scientists in industrial sectors such as pharmaceuticals, foods and beverages, nutraceuticals, etc
  • Life science researchers
  • Environment scientists

The course is divided into a set of modules with an objective of providing a simple coverage of practical aspects of the technique. The last module on answers to commonly asked interview questions will find favour with University students and job aspirants.

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Course Includes

  • 10 Lessons

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