Gas Chromatography : Module 9

Gas Chromatography Applications

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Gas Chromatography has been applied to identify and quantify the components of thousands of compounds present in complex matrices covering pharmaceuticals, foods & beverages, environmental samples, petroleum, polymers, forensic Science, etc. The application is further extended by choice of columns, system modules, detectors and use of hyphenated techniques such as GC – MS, GC – FT- IR, etc.

The major application areas are outlined in this module.


  •  Residual solvents in intermediate and finished products 
  •  Related substances and volatile impurities 
  •  Drug assays

Foods and Beverages

Environmental Analysis

  •  Ambient air and stack emissions monitoring 
  •  Analysis of Volatile components in waste water
  •  Residual pesticide in agricultural produce, vegetables, fruits, soils and drinking water
  •  Analysis of dioxins, polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB’s), dibenzofurans, etc.


  •  Petroleum distillates 
  •  Refinery gases 
  •  Analysis of LPG, compressed natural gas, petroleum ether, light naptha, gas oil, lubricating oil and gases in lubricating oils

Modified analyzers such as :

  • Refinery Gas Analyzers (RGA)
  • Natural Gas Analyzers (NGA)
  • Paraffins, Isoparaffins, Olefins, Napthalenes and Aromatics Analyzers (PIONA/ PONA)
  • Stimulated Distillation Analyzers (SMDIS)
The application scope of gas chromatography is unlimited. More applications are discussed in the certificate programme which will be launched in due course.

We are sure you have gained exposure to basics and typical applications of gas chromatographic technique. The concluding module will cover 10 frequently asked questions on GC technique that you may encounter in job interviews.

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