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  • 4 Standard operating procedures on GC operation and calibration
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Much More Than Just Theoretical Principles of GC

The first and perhaps the biggest difference between this course and other courses is the fact that we are not only talking about “Gas Chromatography” but have gone further and expanded scope to cover all the small and big things associated with GC. We have covered everything from laboratory safety, buying and qualifying the equipment, finding the methods, method validation, weighing practices, sample preparation, dilutions, calculation and interpretation of the results, troubleshooting, good laboratory practice and much more.

15 Videos

The modules are not only just plain text, but have relevant diagrams and in the entire course, there are more than 27 videos giving you a chance to see exactly how some of the critical steps are performed in the laboratory. This gives you a unique opportunity, even if you are attending a live training in the lab, you would not be able to see the steps more than once, whereas the videos can be played over and over again till the time you fully understand what is being done.

Practical Activities That You Can Perform Even at Home

At the end of most modules, you are presented with a relevant activity, like finding a method of calculating results. This helps you practically implement what you have just learnt in that module, the same way you will once you start working in the lab.

Four Important Standard Operating Procedures

As part of the course we will also share with you four actual standard operating procedures.

These SOPs will help you understand what standard operating procedures are and what the different parts of an SOP are. So when you will start working in the industry SOPs will not be something new for you, but will come to you naturally. If you try searching for these procedures on the net, you will realize that each of them is priced at over $ 200 each. But we will be providing them to you free of cost, as part of this course.

Access to Exclusive Members Only Discussion Forum

As part of this course, you will also get access to an exclusive member’s forum. This is an area where you can ask any questions or queries you might have on any of the topics covered in the course. Members from our team, including Dr. Saurabh Arora and Dr Deepak Bhanot, as well as other students who are taking the course along with you can then come and answer your queries. So as you go through the course, you won’t be alone, members of our team, as well as other fellow students taking the course will be there to help you and support you.

Sequential Access to the Course Material

The delivery medium is another very unique feature of this course, the course comprises of 18 modules, arranged in a sequence in which the steps are practically performed in the lab. This makes it much easier for you to learn and then replicate what you have learnt when you start working in the laboratory. Moreover, we will not overwhelm you by giving you the entire course at once, rather we will release the course content slowly, a couple of modules at a time, for you to understand and digest before the next set of modules become available. You will be given access to the entire course material over a period of two months.

Evaluation Quiz Sessions

As you progress through the course you will be given 3 multiple-choice tests to evaluate your understanding of the training that has been given to you. This will help you make sure that you actually learnt all the critical points covered in the course. If you don’t perform well at the first go, you can always go back and read the material again, have another look at the videos and then take another attempt at the test.

Certificate of participation

After clearing all the tests you will also get a certificate of participation in the course. We will send your printed & signed copy of the certificate, to you by courier. You will have access to the course material for six months, this time is sufficient for you to go through the course at your own pace and successfully clear the test and earn the certificate.

Special Discounts on All Our Future Courses

As our way of saying thank you, you will be given special discounts on all our future courses on topics like Laboratory Management as Per ISO 17025, Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectroscopy, Molecular Biology and many more courses that are planned in the future.

“What really goes into running a GC?”
  1. Laboratory Safety Guidelines
  2. Environmental Control of Laboratory
  3. Time management – if you fail to plan you plan to fail
  4. Finding and selecting the right method
  5. Validation of selected method- must validate if you need to
  6. System Suitability
  7. GC – understand how it works to make it work for you
  8. Key applications – applications decide popularity of the technique
  9. Buying, qualifying and calibration of GC
  10. Installation planning
  11. Sourcing the supplies
  12. Laboratory Weighing – right every time
  13. Volumetric measurements – vital for dilutions
  14. GC Laboratory Practices
  15. Did the sample pass or fail?
  16. GLP, GDP and Quality manual
  17. Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS)
  18. Advances in GC Technique

The past one has been educative and informative just because you sacrificed to research for us all the world at high cost in terms of time resource and other requites. My scope in analytics has been extended simply because you have been resourceful to me. Continue with this kind of work to change the world for the better.

– Goldz Gambo

A lot of thanks for all members of lab training teams and specially for Dr. Deepak Bhanot, & Dr, Arvind Bansal,, for thier best efforts for e-course of hplc, gc and pf.. this is very experinceful and knowledgeable contribution for working man..


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