What Processes take place in the Flame during Atomic Absorption Analysis?

Most of you would have observed the changes in colour of the Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy flame on aspiration of sample into it and wondered as to what processes lead to such changes. A brief introduction to the phenomena has been made in the article Air or Nitrous oxide – which is the right oxidant gas for […]

Professional Groups and Societies for the Analytical Chemist

In today’s age it is not possible to work in isolation. Gone are the days when a chemist would carry out experiments within the closed walls of the laboratory and have no interaction with the outside world. In those days there used to be a shroud of mystery surrounding laboratory activities. Nowadays sharing of information […]

Interferences in Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy

Interference is a phenomena that leads to changes in intensity of the analyte signal in spectroscopy. Interferences in atomic absorption spectroscopy fall into two basic categories, namely, non-spectral and spectral. Non-spectral interferences affect the formation of analyte items and spectral interferences result in higher light absorption due to presence of absorbing species other than the […]