Tips to ensure high uptime of your Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

Preventive maintenance is the key to ensure high uptime of your Atomic Absorption Spectrometer. It is a rugged instrument which can provide you high quality results for years together provided its maintenance schedules are followed religiously. It is a good practice to make general visual inspection of the system before starting your day’s work Such […]

Safe handling of Organic Solvents in Atomic Absorption spectroscopy

Water is the safest solvent that you can be use in Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy but many applications require use of organic solvents. Handling and usage of organic solvents requires strict adherence to safe practices to prevent laboratory mishaps. Organic solvents can pose safety hazards mainly due to two main factors, namely, toxicity and flammability. Measures […]

Safe handling of gases used in Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy

Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy requires two main gases, namely, air as oxidant and a fuel gas such as acetylene or nitrous oxide. Safe handling of gas supplies is of utmost importance for efficient operation of instrument and averting laboratory mishaps. The following practices are recommended for safe handling and storage of gas cylinders: Fasten gas cylinders securely […]