Types of Papers and their applications in Paper Chromatography

Paper chromatography makes use of paper which acts as a stationary phase. Paper essentially consists of cellulose fibers which are polymers having – OH functional groups sticking out of the polymer chains. These groups lead to retention and separation of surface absorbed molecules. In practice the separating molecules equilibrate between the layer of adsorbed water […]

Why is Leak checking necessary before starting Gas Chromatography analysis?

A Gas Chromatographic system which is ready for analysis should be free of line leakages to give precise results every time  under identical conditions. Gas leaks   can be frustrating due to the following reasons: Leaks lead to loss of expensive high-quality gases Flow changes due to leaks result in shifting of peak positions due to […]

GC Free E-Course : Introduction to Gas Chromatography

Gas Chromatography is widely used for separation, identification and quantification of mixtures of liquids and gases. The majority of Gas Chromatography applications are found in Petroleum and Petro chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Food & Flavors, Environmental and Forensics. The scope has widened through evolution of hyphenated techniques such as GC-MS, GC-FT-IR, GC-HS, etc which are capable of […]

HPLC Free e-course : Introduction to High Performance Liquid Chromatography

HPLC is applied to separation and quantitation of components of mixture of compounds that may not be stable at higher temperatures encountered in Gas chromatographic separations. The HPLC technique has gained wide acceptance in the field of pharmaceuticals, foods & beverages, agricultural products, cosmetics, polymers and synthetic materials and environmental studies. The programme will be […]

Benefits of Split /Splitless Injection in Capillary Gas Chromatography

Benefits of split/splitless injection in Gas Chromatographic detection gives you the freedom of changing the amount of sample component entering the capillary column. Splitless mode – Split Valve Closed Split mode – Split Valve Partialy open At times you may get a broad flat top peak instead of a sharp well-defined peak. In such situations […]

Common Peak Shape Distortions in HPLC and their Prevention

A chromatographer always looks forward to getting perfect shaped peaks for each and every analysis but in reality peaks get distorted due to numerous reasons. Distortions are frustrating but if proper corrective steps are taken peak shape distortions can be avoided. Ideal Peak Flat Top Peak A flat top peak response arises when the detector […]