How detector characteristics influence Gas Chromatographic response?

A chromatographic detector serves to identify and quantify the sample components as they reach it in a sequence after separation in the chromatographic column. Common chromatographic detectors, their properties and their applications are discussed in an earlier article. Sensitivity versus specificity or selectivity of a detector It is necessary to understand the difference between sensitivity […]

Temperature Control of the Gas Chromatographic Column

Temperature plays a crucial role in GC separations. The Gas Chromatographic column can either be maintained at a uniform temperature during the analysis or its temperature can be varied at a predetermined rate. In this article the benefits of both the operational modes are discussed .Before going into the modes it is important to understand the […]

Importance of Gas leak detection before starting Gas Chromatographic Analysis

As a standard practice before starting GC operation gas leaks, if any, should be detected and rectified Why check for leaks? In any situation there is possibility of two types of gas leakages, namely, major leaks or minor leaks. Major leakages can result from cracked columns, damaged and loose fittings or ferrules or more commonly […]