HPLC Free e-course : Introduction to High Performance Liquid Chromatography

HPLC is applied to separation and quantitation of components of mixture of compounds that may not be stable at higher temperatures encountered in Gas chromatographic separations. The HPLC technique has gained wide acceptance in the field of pharmaceuticals, foods & beverages, agricultural products, cosmetics, polymers and synthetic materials and environmental studies. The programme will be […]

Cost Saving Tips for the HPLC User

HPLC analysis involves the use of expensive mobile phase solvents and recurring costs on consumables such as columns, sample and solvent filters, vials, glassware, etc. The costs involved in HPLC operation can be grouped in terms of laboratory throughput and operational costs. The objective of this article is to offer some useful tips to reduce […]

Common Peak Shape Distortions in HPLC and their Prevention

A chromatographer always looks forward to getting perfect shaped peaks for each and every analysis but in reality peaks get distorted due to numerous reasons. Distortions are frustrating but if proper corrective steps are taken peak shape distortions can be avoided. Ideal Peak Flat Top Peak A flat top peak response arises when the detector […]