How Management Review Meetings Support Laboratory Operations?

Effective communication plays a vital role in any organization’s growth. Today any progressive organization needs to encourage a culture for free exchange of ideas. Senior managers and executives need to encourage communication and evaluate suggestions coming from all levels of laboratory staff. Management review meeting is held annually or twice a year in some organizations. […]

Important Considerations for Expansion of your Laboratory Operations

Laboratories like any other business establishments need to keep pace and grow with advances in technology and customer expectations. In brief you will need to review your operations from time to time and consider viability of expansion of your existing infrastructure. Such decisions should be based on careful evaluation of following aspects: Availability of space […]

How Planned Training Improves Laboratory Operations?

Technical skills and know-how of laboratory personnel is a key area that can steer your laboratory on a course of unstinted growth. The topic has been adequately covered under clause 5.2 of ISO 17025:2005. The objective of the present article is to analyze the benefits of training and skills development and offers some selections on […]