Improve your Laboratory Services through regular interaction with your customers

A commercial testing laboratory falls under service sector and its growth is dependent largely on customer confidence and feedback. Such organizations cannot run in isolation and require regular contact with customers for resolving issues which can sour relationships if left unattended. Customer Guidance Customer guidance is just as important as feedback. Customers require to be […]

What is Significance of Analysis Report Quality?

Quality of analysis report reflects the professionalism of your laboratory services. It is a document which speaks volumes on the quality of services that your laboratory offers to its customers. Reporting of results within the committed timeframes is no doubt important but your report quality also carries significant weight. Your laboratory may have invaluable assets […]

Management’s Role in Efficient Running of a Laboratory

Management plays a pivotal role in upkeep of efficiency and quality of laboratory services. A sound understanding of both technical and commercial aspects is essential requirement for taking charge of this important function. Professional approach to management of a laboratory is the key to ensuring reputation and sustained business growth. Senior management is responsible for […]

Why is it Important to keep a Record of your Laboratory Activities?

It is common for anyone to judge the sophistication and reputation of a laboratory by its : Landscaping and architectural design Availability of modern sophisticated facilities Adherence to committed time frames for analysis Trained manpower Pleasant and sweet talking customer support staff These factors do contribute towards a laboratory’s reputation but in real terms it […]