Important Considerations for Expansion of your Laboratory Operations

Laboratories like any other business establishments need to keep pace and grow with advances in technology and customer expectations. In brief you will need to review your operations from time to time and consider viability of expansion of your existing infrastructure. Such decisions should be based on careful evaluation of following aspects: Availability of space […]

Fire Hazards in the Laboratory

Fires pose a major hazard in laboratories and the need for fire insurance was stressed upon in an earlier article on laboratory insurance. In this article a brief is provided on what insurance companies cover under fire insurance and more important the awareness on fire risks and how to prevent fire mishaps. Fire insurance insurance […]

General Guidelines for Laboratory Safety

Your prime concern the moment you start work in the laboratory should be to protect yourself and your fellow co-workers from exposure to harmful toxic substances and hazardous chemicals. Remember you are as much responsible for your own safety as safety of others around you. A majority of laboratory accidents are caused by overconfidence and […]