ICP – MS: A versatile tool for Trace Element studies

Trace elements play a crucial role in deciding the properties and behaviour of materials of everyday use such as foods and beverages, pharmaceuticals, clinical and forensic specimens and environmental samples. Trace elements analysis becomes essential for evaluation of soils for different crops and understanding the nutritional benefits of edible products. A brief introduction to the commonly used […]

Which Elemental Analysis Technique is right for me?

Trace element studies play an important role in environmental monitoring and industrial quality control in areas of foods, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, geology and mining, forensic investigations, clinical studies and power generation. The commonly accepted techniques providing acceptable levels of precision and accuracy are Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy, ICP – OES and ICP – MS. In this article […]

A Comparison between ICP – MS and ICP – OES Spectrometric Techniques

Both ICP – OES and ICP – MS are considered the most advanced level and rapid analysis techniques available for estimation of elements at trace and ultra trace levels. Both the techniques are based on atomisation and excitation of the sample in the plasma source. An understanding of the plasma excitation source is essential for […]