Suggestions on maintaining records of Laboratory activities

Record keeping of laboratory activities is an essential requirement under Good laboratory Practices (GLP).In today’s highly overloaded laboratories there is always an argument that maintaining records is a drain on time which could be otherwise utilized for carrying out analysis activities. The article makes suggestions on record keeping and outlines advantages derived from keeping such […]

Suggestions for sustained career growth in testing laboratories

The obvious reason for your choice of a testing laboratory as your future career in a testing laboratory was a keen desire to gain exposure in the field and to reach the top position in the future. A sustained career growth requires a will to give your best and willingness to accept assigned responsibilities. Your […]

Suggestions on overcoming data entry errors in laboratories

A laboratory earns its recognition and repute over the years through accurate and timely delivery of analysis reports. Undoubtedly trained and skilled manpower and availability of advanced testing facilities make significant contributions towards achievement of such cherished goals. However, all the laurels earned through sustained efforts can be brought to a naught if unnoticed mistakes […]

Intermediate Controls on Laboratory Working Standards

Working standards play a critical role in any laboratory. The results of any analysis are meaningful only when they are related to a reference standard material. Under ideal circumstances a certified reference material should be used every time an analysis is performed but this is not a practical proposition as the cost of certified reference […]

Benefits of adopting Good Documentation Practices (GDP)

Good Documentation Practices fall under the scope of Good Laboratory Practices. GDP helps to streamline laboratory operations and preservation of evidence of all activities conducted in laboratories. In essence, GDP is concerned with records of experimental observations and control of documents. Documentation of Observations It is mandatory for laboratories to maintain records of experimental observations […]

Importance of maintaining Laboratory Log Books

A laboratory log book is a tamper proof record of laboratory activities related to use of testing equipments, environmental conditions in laboratory and consumption of critical standards and supplies. Difference between a laboratory log book and laboratory note book To start with it is important to understand the difference between a laboratory log book and […]

Management of critical laboratory samples and facilities

In addition to availability of state of art test facilities and skilled manpower it is important for all laboratories to have sound quality management systems in place. However, if due care and control is not exercised over critical laboratory samples and facilities the benefits of quality management systems will get minimized. To make a start […]

How you can contribute to make your laboratory green?

To begin with it is clarified that a green lab does not mean that everything in the lab is painted green which includes walls, work benches, reagent bottles, instruments, lab coats, etc. On the other hand a green lab implies a laboratory which follows norms that are environment friendly and there is concern for conservation […]

Importance of cleanliness in laboratories

Cleanliness is an absolute necessity in homes and workplaces. It plays a much greater role in laboratories due to safety concerns and for greater reliance on quality of results. The overall operational efficiency of the laboratory improves significantly through cleanliness and orderly arrangement of laboratory chemicals and other items. The benefits offered by clean laboratories […]

Why mobile phones are not permitted in laboratories?

Mobile phones today have become an essential necessity. Initially they offered convenience of communicating without dependence on fixed landlines. However, with passage of time their utility has far exceeded their cost. It is so much convenient nowadays to communicate with anyone anywhere in the world, make airline or railway reservations, get directions on locations, order […]