Urgent need for conserving water in laboratories

Water is of vital commodity for sustenance of life on the planet. Nature has evolved very systematic approach towards water conversation through evaporation from water bodies, cloud formation, rains and eventual return to water bodies through flowing rivers and streams. It is a delicate balance of nature which gets disturbed by human activities. Water is […]

Suggestions on conducting repair and renovation activities in laboratories

Laboratory repair and renovation often becomes necessary for reasons such as: To create additional space for additional manpower requirements. To accommodate modern techniques and instruments to keep pace with changing technical and regulatory requirements. To carry out renovations to give the laboratory a new look. To carry out civil jobs to repair sewages, cracks or […]

Importance of traceability of laboratory standards

Laboratory analysis involves measurement and quantification of several common quantities, such as, mass, volume, temperature, pH, specific gravity, refractive index, light absorbance, etc for which the commonly used standards are: Mass – Certified reference weights Volume – Volumetric flasks, burettes or pipettes Temperature – Platinum resistance thermometer pH – Standard buffers Specific gravity – water […]

Tips on prevention of laboratory fire accidents

Fire accidents in laboratories can cause immeasurable damage in terms of serious injuries to laboratory workers, damage to expensive instruments and laboratory facilities, financial losses and loss of man days. Fire hazards in the laboratory outlines the types of flammable laboratory materials and classification of fires based on the nature of such materials. The present article […]

Need for exercising control over Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Material Safety Data Sheet or MSDS is a useful resource of information on chemical properties, physical behaviour,hazard properties, handling and storage requirements, toxicology, properties, transportation guidelines and first aid measures that should be adopted in the event of exposure to the chemical. Every laboratory worker cannot be expected to know the information given in MSDS […]

Importance of advance review of analysis requests by testing laboratories

Every laboratory has a specialization which is decided by its expertise and available facilities. Specialization covers areas of analysis such as pharmaceuticals, foods, building materials, geological specimens, environmental analysis covering water, air and industrial wastes, etc. Within the broad spectrum of analysis there are numerous sub- sections and some laboratories enjoy repute due to their […]

Essential precautions required for validation of analytical methods

Validation of analytical method plays a crucial role before it is put to routine use. It is therefore important that required precautions be taken during the validation process itself as otherwise it is as good as adopting an un-validated method. The article underlines such parameters and suggests measures that should be taken during the validation process. […]

Responsible Collection and Disposal of Laboratory Waste Materials

Laboratories are doing an immeasurable service to mankind and their contribution towards promotion of commerce and trade is well recognized. However, all the benefits offered by laboratories can get nullified if laboratory wastes are disposed irresponsibly and without concern for the preservation of our environment. Laboratory wastes are potentially hazardous as they can have the […]

Importance of adherence to Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures or SOP’s lay down guidelines for carrying out the different tasks in any work establishment. Establishments range from testing laboratories, commercial organizations, offices, airlines, railways, workshops, manufacturing industrial units, etc. The role played by SOP’s in testing laboratories assumes greater significance as there are several major concerns. Firstly it is the upkeep […]

Suggestions for Improvement of Cash Flow in Commercial Testing Laboratories!

Management of cash flow in laboratories is a critical area which requires involvement of senior management as well as all employees irrespective of their position and roles. Commercial testing laboratories play an important role in upkeep of national product quality standards and in global trade through upkeep of mandated quality standards and improvement of product […]