How to Deal with Hazardous Laboratory Spills?

Spills can happen in all laboratories irrespective of their size or sophistication. Spill Management is often overlooked when considering laboratory safety but spills expose laboratory workers to hazards like any other laboratory operations. The topic was touched upon briefly in the earlier article General Guidelines for laboratory safety. In the present article general guidelines are […]

Familiarize Yourself with Laboratory Safety Devices and Symbols

In the earlier article General Guidelines for Laboratory Safety you were provided tips on safe practices for carrying out different laboratory operations and processes. It is equally important to familiarize with safety symbols that you are likely to come across on laboratory walls, solvent and reagent bottles,containers and instruments in the laboratory. It is not […]

General Guidelines for Laboratory Safety

Your prime concern the moment you start work in the laboratory should be to protect yourself and your fellow co-workers from exposure to harmful toxic substances and hazardous chemicals. Remember you are as much responsible for your own safety as safety of others around you. A majority of laboratory accidents are caused by overconfidence and […]