10 Tips to become an effective learner!!!

10 Tips to become an effective learner!!!
10 Tips to become an effective learner!!!
Become an effective learner

Learning is a lifelong process and our daily experiences leave everlasting impressions on our subconscious mind which moulds our personality. Each day one is exposed to new ideas. Learning is a focused approach that helps retain specific information related to one’s need and curiosity satisfaction. You can develop your power of assimilation by adopting some useful tips and make learning an enjoyable life long experience

1. First and foremost you must have within you a burning desire to improve your knowledge and skills. Only then you will start looking for answers to questions that arise in your mind. An effective learner keeps a record of such questions in his personal diary or notebook for seeking solutions.

2. Cultivate your reading habit. Reading improves your level of awareness and you’ll have more queries arising in your mind. Fuel your curiosity and search for answers in books, internet or even through discussions with your colleagues.

Do you know that 42% of college graduates, will never read another book after completion of their formal education! So just this one habit will put you ahead of 42% of the people ! 

3. Do not hesitate to ask questions and debate issues with your colleagues. Get into the habit of discussions as this gives a new perspective to your learning. Don’t act like a know it all, the day you decide or even start feeling like you know every thing, it is the beginning of your down fall.

4. Be an attentive listener. You learn more by listening and not by imposing your viewpoint on others. You will never learn anything if you don’t listen! 

5. Practice makes you perfect, the more you practice the more you will retain. Believe in yourself and keep trying there is nothing in this world that you can not do!

6. Keep your notebook or diary handy and make a note of whatever new you learn. Do not delay recording valuable inputs. No one can remember every thing, our brain is not meant to just store stuff, it is not a just hard drive, it is a super processor. Free up you brain by writing things down and use your brain to process the information.

7. Keep your mind open to flow of new ideas. In this age there is every chance that your ideas get outdated at a pace you least expect. Forego your ego and be receptive to new ideas as fixation of ideas hampers your learning process.

8. Try to understand the logic behind concepts. Cramming may help you score high in exams but once you have understood the concepts you will not forget easily and use this knowledge as per demands of the situation. Correlate what you learn with your life, use the concepts each day, only then will you really be able to reap the benefits of what you learn. 

9. Develop your own style of learning as there are no set guidelines. You may pick up effectively in isolation or by listening to music or while taking a stroll. Adopt a mode and time which best suits you, be it early morning, during lunch or late at night!

10. Make learning a daily habit. Before going to sleep just try to remember what you have picked up during the day.

A day spent without learning something new, is a day of your life wasted!

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  1. This is a great article and very useful for students who are undertaking vocational education and training. Beginning study or returning to study can have massive impacts on individuals and these tips are sure to impact and improve students learning. However, I have to ask, your statement that 95% of people never reading a book – what is the authority for this and is this a textbook or a novel? It absolutely shocks me that almost 100 per cent of people no longer read…!

    1. Yes the 95% figure is very surprising! I read it some time back and it just stuck with me. It was from a big survey of professionals and talked more specifically about books related to professional development and not fiction. I am sure a big number of people do read novels for entertainment!

    2. i like that but there is something that i wanna say about that if you could just send me more of the questions onthe lab training test

  2. Hi, it was a nice read & a refresher. Didnt knew this 95% stats. Message was crisp and clear.

  3. hi like that if you could just send me more of the message on the la training test exams


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