Analysis Report – A Reflection on Quality of your Laboratory Services

An analysis report serves as an important documentary link between the laboratory and your client base. Importance of services through regular interaction with your customers provided useful tips for improvement of customer relations. In this article important aspects of analysis report are discussed and steps are recommended to further improve your business relations. Quality of reports […]

High Time to rate your Standard Operating Procedures?

Importance of standard operating procedures introduced you to the need for awareness of SOP’s and self introspection on your contribution to your team by following the guidelines therein. Such awareness also helps you appreciate the bigger role of your organization, its quality objectives and goals. Each section has a subset of Standard Operating Procedures that relate […]

Why is it necessary to revalidate Working Standards?

Analysis results are always reported against working standards which have been validated against certified reference materials. A certified reference material is very expensive and is procured in small quantity from a standards body having global recognition. Due to the high cost it is not possible to use certified reference materials every time so a working […]

Improve your Laboratory Services through regular interaction with your customers

A commercial testing laboratory falls under service sector and its growth is dependent largely on customer confidence and feedback. Such organizations cannot run in isolation and require regular contact with customers for resolving issues which can sour relationships if left unattended. Customer Guidance Customer guidance is just as important as feedback. Customers require to be […]

Why is it necessary to validate the Analyst?

You have introduced the latest sophisticated facilities in your laboratory but if your manpower is lacking essential training the facilities will not give back the desired returns. After all it is true that the man behind the machine is what matters At time of selection you have shortlisted the potential employees after screening their qualifications […]

What is the Importance of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s)?

All organizations irrespective of their functional areas strive to give their best in terms of quality of products and services. This is essential to maintain a competitive edge and keep their clients satisfied. Each organization has its quality manual which defines its quality policies. The quality manual specifies standard operating procedures (SOP’s) which are a […]

How to Manage Your Time and Improve Productivity in the Laboratory?

Time is a precious non-renewable resource. Management of time is key to your efficiency at workplace and brings with it several benefits. Feeling of achievement on completion of tasks in allotted time Recognition of your work efficiency by your management Spare time for other activities Your capacity for planning and timely execution of tasks in […]

Customer Feedback Review – Essential for Sustaining a Rising Growth

Customer Review A customer’s feedback and suggestions for improvement of your laboratory services should be taken seriously. Customer opinion is many times more useful and important than your own opinion and satisfaction with your operations. Many a time you would have come across the phrases such as ‘Customer is always right’ or ‘Customer is King’. […]

Are Certified Reference Materials and Working Standards the same?

The results of any analysis can be relied upon only if the technique has been calibrated against a reference material and this calibration is never permanent. It has to be repeated at intervals specified by the instrument manufacturer. The calibration process will decide the degree of accuracy of the reported results. You may question” Why […]