Analysis Report – A Reflection on Quality of your Laboratory Services

Analysis Report – A Reflection on Quality of your Laboratory Services
Analysis Report

An analysis report serves as an important documentary link between the laboratory and your client base. Importance of services through regular interaction with your customers provided useful tips for improvement of customer relations. In this article important aspects of analysis report are discussed and steps are recommended to further improve your business relations.

Quality of reports
  • Use good quality printing stationery
  • Choice of colour combinations and logos should be attractive and separate from the main report text
  • Enclose the analysis data within a framed outline
  • Report should bear signature and designation alongwith seal of the signing authority
  • In case report extends to more than one page each page should bear the signature and stamp of the signing authority
Essential information on the report

Name of the laboratory, its recognitions and accreditations should be prominently printed on the top

Report number, date, client details, batch number of sample (if specified), expiry date, batch size, sample quantity received, etc should permanently appear on the report

Time taken for analysis is an important commitment given to your client. The time taken to complete analysis (date of start and end of analysis including time of start on time of end) helps improve client confidence

Sample detail such as: description, state, appearance, packaging, date and time of receipt should be prominently displayed at the start of analysis data

Analysis data should be reported in tabulated format keeping the following details in mind

Test parameter, Lower and Upper acceptable limits , Method used for testing (specification reference or client specified method)

Comments on results

All your clients may not be aware of the analytical requirements and would be compelled to get the analysis done as part regulatory requirements. A technical comment on nonconformity of reported values will assist such clients on commercial decisions to be taken and consequences of non-compliance.

Authenticity of reports

Your analysis report is your commitment on quality of client’s product quality. It is of utmost importance that it is free of typographical errors and errors in reported values. Cross- checking of data entered plays significant importance as wrong communications can cause irreparable damage to your business relations and reputation of your services.

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