Why is it necessary to validate the Analyst?

Why is it necessary to validate the Analyst?
Validated Laboratory analyst at work
Validated Laboratory analyst at work

You have introduced the latest sophisticated facilities in your laboratory but if your manpower is lacking essential training the facilities will not give back the desired returns. After all it is true that the man behind the machine is what matters

At time of selection you have shortlisted the potential employees after screening their qualifications and experience. Special care must have been taken to ensure that the selected person meets your expectations and is familiar with the techniques which will constitute his daily activities. However, it is indeed rare that the selected person will be tailor made for the job requirements and will start generating reliable data from day one.

It is at this point that analyst validation assumes significance. The selected candidate is handed over to the section in charge and it becomes his responsibility to organize his training as per the job requirements. It is not a day’s job but requires at least a couple of months to make the new entrant proficient for the job in hand.

Benefits of Analyst validation

The results communicated by your laboratory are accepted on the basis of your accreditations and recognitions awarded by professional bodies. Results are used by your customers to base decisions related to selection or rejection of a batch or consignment and its subsequent marketing. This makes all results very critical and such data should be communicated only after following all the authenticity protocols.

The analyst needs to be validated for his ability to generate authentic and reliable results. Most laboratories have a set of guidelines and criteria for validation of analysts which involves extensive training followed by analysis of a test sample whose analysis value is known before hand. Agreement of the reported value with the known value within the acceptable range is the basis for validation. It does not mean that if the analyst fails he should be asked to leave but is given another opportunity and further training to match the expectations within the allotted time period.

Only a validated analyst is authorized to sign analysis reports and reliance can be placed on the validity of analysis and his results will be acceptable to the customer.

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