Calculate the volume of stock solution required for preparation of target concentration

While working in the laboratory one of the most common operations that a scientist performs is that of preparing dilutions from stock solutions to final solutions in ppm or parts per million or milligrams per litre.

  1. Dilutions need to be prepared for numerous operations such as –
  2. Preparing dilutions of samples for analysis
  3. Diluting standards to prepare calibration curves
  4. Diluting stock standard solutions to final concentration for chromatographic or spectroscopic analysis
  5. Diluting buffers and assets to the desired concentration
  6. Diluting derivatizing agents to equal molar concentrations of the analyte
  7. Preparing desired concentrations of reactants
  8. Preparing concentrations of cell cultures and media and many many more

All of these dilutions can be prepared using the simple formula

C1V1 = C2V2

You can use the calculator provided above to easily calculate the volume (V2) of the stock solution of a known concentration (C2) required for preparing a volume (V1) of target concentration (C1).

Simply enter the three values in the calculator below and the volume of the stock solution to be taken will be automatically calculated. Then you can take the volume (V2) in a volumetric flask and make it up to the volume required (V1).

For example if you need to make 100 ml of 10 ppm solution from a 200 ppm stock solution you will need to take 5 ml of the stock and make it up to 100 ml in a volumetric flak. Try the calculation in the calculator below –

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