Food Microbiology

Todays highly regulated industrial products and processes require high  proficiency in handling microbiological techniques. Problems arise  when new microbes spring up surprises every now and then in human and animal health, industrial and other situations. Individuals must have skills to handle all types of microbes and identify them.

We provide training in Food Microbiology, Pharmaceutical Microbiology, Ayurvedic Microbiology, Cosmetics Microbiology, Water Microbiology etc. Training is offered to build new skills and competence so that the candidates acquire confidence in taking responsibilities as Microbiologists  in all sectors.

Our Microbiology training provides an up-to-date, comprehensive working knowledge of all areas of basic microbiology, with particular focus and emphasis on laboratory-based practical aspects.

Our  training programme  will cover:

  • Groups of microorganisms of importance in Food and Pharma Industry
  •  Factors affecting the growth, survival and death of microorganisms
  •  Applications
  •  Microbiology laboratory equipments – operation and practice
  •  Microbiology laboratory accreditation, performance monitoring and systems for documentation
  •  Conventional methods for microbiological examination
  •  Confirmation tests and how they work
  •  An introduction to ‘alternative’ microbiological methods

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