Spectroscopic Techniques

Certificate Programme planned for launch in year 2014.

Spectroscopy is one of the earliest analytical techniques which has found acceptance in almost each and every analytical laboratory globally. Both UV-VIS and infra red spectroscopy have contributed to identification, quantification and characterization studies on materials. The unique benefits of spectroscopic techniques are:

  • Rapid analysis – almost instantaneous results
  • Non – Destructive
  • High sensitivity
  • On line process monitoring or chemical reaction studies in real time

The programme  will be beneficial to

  • R&D Scientists
  • QA Managers & Practicing Chemists
  • Students in disciplines of Chemistry,  Pharmacy,  Food &  Nutrition and Agricultural Sciences.
  • Geological and Mining scientists
  • Clinical researchers
  • Govt Regulatory Bodies
  • Environmental Scientists

The course will provide exposure to the advances in the field of  Spectroscopy to the experienced analyst and  both basics and practical aspects to beginners.Wide coverage is given to fundamental concepts of laboratory operations in a lucid manner so that both the novice and expert will find the programme as a useful reference for the day to day laboratory operations.