How to update your professional skills and knowledge against all odds?

How to update your professional skills and knowledge against all odds?
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Today is the age of cut throat competition in all professional fields. One cannot afford to remain ignorant of advances taking place in one’s profession. If you’re looking forward to a steady growth you have to remain updated throughout your career span. Remember there is no age limit for learning and no one can claim that he or she knows everything and there is no need for further learning. The day one gets this conviction it signifies the beginning of one’s professional decline.

The earlier article on benefits of training and skill upgradation highlighted the benefits of training and skill upgradation for both the individual and his organization. However, during my long association with my colleagues and trainees I have come across different shades of dejection and lack of initiative to learn. The common reasons cited are outlined and I have tried to offer my views which will help you to come out of this state of hopelessness.

Odd: My working hours are packed with so many tasks which leave me little or no time to learn more.

Suggestion: Your workplace is a virtual classroom. If you keep your eyes and ears open it is sure to provide a unique learning experience each day. It provides an opportunity to learn from what others practice and also from mistakes they make.

Odd: I get back home late and am too tired and my family keeps me on my toes all the time

Suggestion: This excuse is not acceptable especially from youngsters. Hope you remember all the effort put in by you for securing excellent grades in your university examinations. Your degrees helped you enter your cherished career but bear in mind that it is much more difficult to sustain and grow in your career than to gain an entry. This requires sustained effort to keep yourself updated.. To gain something you have to lose something else. Keeping this basic law of nature in mind find out means of devoting at least a couple of hours daily to learn after sacrificing some sleep or take out time from other routine activities.

Odd: Knowledge is growing at an exponential rate and I certainly cannot keep pace with it.

Suggestion: It is true that knowledge has shown an unprecetended growth in the present century and it is difficult for anyone to be updated all the time. However, one should not be lacking in one’s efforts. Remember each field demands excellence. Persons with specialized knowledge and skills face fewer obstacles in their career growth whereas mediocres have to encounter numerous hurdles.

Odd: My colleagues and seniors hesitate to teach me anything fearing I might overtake them and neither my organization takes initiatives to train me fearing that I might use the organization as a platform and move on at the first available opportunity

Suggestion: Unfortunately this situation is prevalent in most organizations. Your colleagues and seniors sometimes see you as a threat but if you take interest in your activities and give desired deliveries your colleague and seniors will soon realize your potential and will provide you all the training and skills to enable you to share some of their workload. Similarly your employers will also not miss out on your potential and will on their own come out with programs aimed towards your greater involvement and contribution to the organization.

Never give up on optimism and always maintain a positive outlook. I firmly believe that ” tough times do not last but tough people do’’. The golden principle is to keep your interests alive and be always open to new concepts and ideas. Your growth is in your own hands. Slowly your perception of others will change and you will begin to see your own positivity reflected in them. As an additional benefit you will develop lifelong friendships with those whom you once considered your arch rivals.

I hope you like the content of this article. Please feel free to make additions and offer your valuable comments.

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  1. A very Beautiful, practical and a very opportune article (surely for me) !
    Dear Dr., it was an absolute pleasure to read from this article which succinctly reflects your rich experience!!!

    1. Dear Balasubramanium,
      Many thanks for your appreciation.The article reflects common excuses most of us put across for not keeping ourselves updated in our profession and my suggestions to all is to come out of such situations and move ahead without looking back.I feel the message should reach as many young aspirants as possible so please share it within your social networks and also by word of mouth within your professional group.
      Thanks and Best wishes

  2. Very true and practical ,also very simple way to understand .Thanks

  3. Dr. Bhanot,

    The truths are put across here. We all every now & then blame it to the situations but very rarely find solutions.
    Absolutely enjoyed reading this.

    1. Dear Sakshi,
      Many thanks for your appreciation. I am glad to learn that you have picked up the key message of the article- We throughout our lives keep finding ways to blame others for our setbacks.The day we begin self-introspection we can in real terms tread on the path towards self improvement.

  4. Dear Dr. Deepak,
    Many congratulations for the article. It is truly a useful article and most of us faced such conditions in life. By keeping positive attitude and a zest for learning new thing, one can succeed both in professional as well as personal life.


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