Hyphenated Chromatographic techniques: GC – MS and LC – MS

Programme planned for launch in year 2015

Chromatographic techniques have proved to be invaluable for their contribution in areas of chemical research and quality control. The application areas and sensitivity of detection have improved significantly with the introduction of hyphenated techniques such as GC-MS and LC – MS.

LC – MS combines the physical separation ability of liquid chromatography with the mass discrimination potential of mass spectroscopy to achieve unforeseen levels of identification and quantification. Major development of MS-MS allows programmed separation and fragmentation of selected ion masses. Important applications areas are bioanalytical studies, new drug development and bio molecule separations, etc.

GC – MS like LC – MS is a high sensitive technique for detection and quantification of volatile organic compounds. The technique is finding applications in petroleum and petrochemical industry, pharmaceuticals, fragrances and flavours, pesticide residue analysis and environmental monitoring.

The program will be beneficial for:

  • R&D scientists
  • QA managers and laboratory chemists
  • Life science professionals
  • Environmental scientists
  • Quality control persons in petroleum refining, pharmaceuticals, foods and flavours, forensic investigations, etc
  • Clinical scientists