Induction of students of Post Graduate Diploma Program on Food Safety and Quality Management

Induction of students of Post Graduate Diploma Program on Food Safety and Quality Management

PDGFSQMArbro,the parent company of Auriga Research Ltd has been associated with Indira Gandhi National Open University(IGNOU) since 2009 as a Program Centre for providing laboratory practical support to students of Postgraduate Programme on Food Safety and Quality Management which is offered by the School of Agriculture.

Indira Gandhi National Open University is the world’s largest open learning center with a student strength of around 3 million. It has a presence in around 43 countries across the globe.

The Post Graduate diploma in Food Safety and Quality Management was developed in collaboration with the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA), Ministry of Commerce, Government of India. The objective of the program is to develop a core group of professionals for the important task of development and audit of food safety and quality management in the country.

The induction programme was organized at the study centre on 16th Oct, 2014. The students were presented an opportunity to interact and share their views and seek clarifications on the program with the program Centre staff and guests from IGNOU which included Dr CK Ghosh, Regional Director of IGNOU Regional Centre – 3, New Delhi Dr Navita Abrol, Assistant Regional Director, and Professor MK Salooja, School of Agriculture. Dr Salooja, an eminent scientist is the National Program Coordinator. Dr Ghosh in his presentation stressed the importance of open distance learning and how it is different from conventional university education. He also outlined responsibilities of all concerned in making a success of the program. The presentation was followed by an introduction on the PGDFSQM program and its contents by). Prof Salooja, Dr Navita Abrol clarified course queries raised by the students which was followed by a short presentation on food safety regulations are Dr PK Vats, an eminent expert having nearly 37 years of experience including contributions on drafting of national food safety regulations.

Among the speakers from the program Centre Dr Deepak Bhanot, Program Center in- charge made a presentation on the activities and facilities available in the centre and its extensions in Baddi and Bangalore. Mr Manoj Sharma followed the presentation with a discussion on our support to food business operators through our website www. foodsafetyhelpline.

The meeting provided a platform for fruitful interaction between the new students and the program promoters. In the concluding session schedule for providing practical support to the students was discussed.

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