Useful tips for appearing for a Job Interview

Useful tips for appearing for a Job Interview
Maintain Right Posture and Calm During Interview

The current topic is not directly related to laboratory practices but will certainly prove useful in gaining your coveted job. An interview provides you a first-hand opportunity to interact with the prospective employer and evaluate the workplace environment. The impression which you leave at the time of interview certainly helps tilt the scales in your favour.

Any job selection process basically involves two stages and both the stages require serious thought and attention.

Stage 1– Resume

Before you even get an opportunity to meet your potential employer your resume gets scrutinized. The employer forms an impression about you even before you get an opportunity to personally interact with him based on the quality of your resume..

Tips for making the resume

Presentation of the content in your resume is more important than the content itself .In other words formatting should be well organized.

  • Do not include too much detail as in the initial review no one has time to go through uncalled for information. Highlight and mention the details in short sentences and small paragraphs
  • Flow of information should be from recent past as this provides an opportunity to the employer to see your immediate achievements which really matter.
  • If a hardcopy is to be presented make sure that it is prepared on good quality bond paper and signed with date
  • Always check for grammatical and spelling mistakes before submission as these leave a poor impression and can lead to forthright rejection
  • In case the job requirements are known to you bring out any recent experience or training that is in line with such requirements
  • Never mention your professional or political connections or share names of your contacts within the organization .as such details seldom serve the desired purpose.

Stage-2 Selection Interview

You should consider yourself lucky if your resume gets shortlisted and you are invited for an interview. The following tips can contribute to your success in the selection:

  • Find out details about the organization in advance either through contacts or through Internet. This will help you address several job-related queries
  • Reach the interview site at least 15 – 20 min before the schedule. If necessary make enquiries or even visit the site before the actual date to get familiar with the route and location
  • Have a smart haircut before the interview date and wear smart but not flashy dress or jewellery. Your dress should project your professional outlook
  • In case the interview is delayed do not enter into arguments with the receptionist or enter into criticism with others present
  • Do not criticize your past colleagues or your previous organization and cite them as reasons for desired change of job
  • Maintain a correct posture which should come naturally. It is a good idea to keep your hands crossed on the table to prevent unwarranted hand or finger movements.
  • Unless the interview raises the issues never on your own discuss wages, benefits, leave rules or office timings
  • Do not provide any unasked information about yourself.and never over commit on your capabilities
  • Do not boast about your high connections or reveal your contacts within the organization
  • Always seek permission before entering the interview room and before taking your seat. Remember to thank the interviewer on being seated and also before leaving

The tips provided cannot guarantee the coveted job but can certainly improve your chances of selection.

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