Professional Groups and Societies for the Analytical Chemist

Analytical Chemist

In today’s age it is not possible to work in isolation. Gone are the days when a chemist would carry out experiments within the closed walls of the laboratory and have no interaction with the outside world. In those days there used to be a shroud of mystery surrounding laboratory activities. Nowadays sharing of information and ideas has become the order of the day and has contributed to the visible growth in all human activities. Internet explosion has made exchange and access of information just a click of the mouse away.

Analytical Chemist
Analytical Chemist

Benefits of joining professional groups

Let us first take a look at the benefits of joining the professional groups

  • Awareness on what is happening in your field so that you do not work on what has already been reported
  • Awareness on advances in analysis techniques
  • Published and accepted methods of analysis for different products
  • Permissible limits on ingredients of products such as pharmaceuticals, foods, drinking water, etc.
  • Safety in use of chemicals, reagents, acids, solvents, etc and their antidotes
  • Advances in analytical instruments and information on features and benefits of different makes
  • Awareness on job openings and prospects for career enhancement

Analytical Chemistry forums and groups

Joining a professional group should not be considered a waste of time but on the other hand it provides a platform for discussion where you can post your questions, messages, share news, articles and opinions and have a global reach. Besides joining professional groups it also makes good sense to join on- line professional groups such as linkedIn for sharing of ideas within your chosen professional community. Some of the discussion groups available to analytical chemistry professionals on linkedin are :

  • Analytical and Life Sciences Information and Career forum
  • Analytical chemistry
  • Analytical Instruments Professional Network
  • Analytical Sciences for Pharma Industries
  • Chromatography and Mass( LC, MS, LC MS) users forum
  • Chromatography and Spectroscopy Exchanges
  • Chromatography Talk
  • Chromatography Forum
  • LIMS forum –Laboratory Informatics Institute users group for LIMS, scientific and health community
  • Science and Technology Professionals,
  • PhD Analytical Chemistry 

Please do leave your comments on other groups that you might have come across and find them to be useful to others

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