Professional Qualities that matter in your laboratory team

Laboratory scientists with team leader
Laboratory scientists with team leader
Laboratory scientists with team leader

Team building in a laboratory setup plays a vital role as in any other commercial organization. As a laboratory in charge it is important for you to have clarity yourself on expectations you have from your team members. In other words you have to have a vision and roadmap ready on how you would like your laboratory to grow in the coming time.

The key objective of selection of new team members should not be to simply fill up vacancies but to employ fresh entrants who have potential to be groomed to meet the challenges ahead and be a part of your vision for future growth. It becomes necessary to involve yourself from the very start in the selection process of the short listed candidates and judge the prospective candidates aspirations and commitment level apart from technical skills and knowledge.

It is but natural that with ever increasing job applications you will have to make your choice candidates with varying levels of experience and skills. These can include beginners who are fresh from universities and are striving for a break in analytical laboratories to those with years of experience under their belts.

Desirable Attributes

It is a well established fact that a single individual, however talented, cannot realize that cherished goals of the organization. It requires unified contributions from all team members. The team should be selected carefully so that with some motivation and training the team can become capable of producing the desired results. The level of expectations will depend on the past experience and qualifications of the new members. A sound understanding of basics is a prime requirement. However, all fresh entrants fall into two groups, namely, fresh and experienced candidates.

Fresh Entrants

Fresh entrants have no professional backgrounds and are struggling to set their feet in the organization. You may be faced with several candidates who are fresh from universities and can be placed on the same platform in terms of skills and knowledge. It is important for you to gauge if they have the required level of commitment and also where they would like to see themselves in the coming 5 to 10 years.

Experienced Entrants

An experienced entrant is a definite asset as he or she brings with him or her exposure in earlier laboratories. Each laboratory has its own growth models so such candidates can bring with them ideas and recommendations for improvement of your own laboratory operations. It is important for you to assess the reason for their decision for change of job with caution. No doubt their contributions can be of great value but it is important to ascertain that the person is not one who is looking forward to his own personal career growth and not concerned about the growth of the laboratory. You have to assess their sincerity and loyalty through a more purposeful interaction. In such cases holding a round of interviews along with other senior members of your team will serve the desired purpose. The more you interact with an experienced prospective member it will help you gain a better understanding of his or her motive behind the reason for joining your organization.

Selection is the initial phase of building up your team. It is equally important to understand the deficiencies and strengths of new team members and groom them to read your expectations through structured skill development and training programs.

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