Testimonial on training program organized for trainees from EFMHACA, Ethiopia

Testimonial on training program organized for trainees from EFMHACA, Ethiopia

‘Management of Supplies, Standards and Reference Standards’ from 18-22 Oct 2016

(Lto R)Mr Manish Ranjan,Mr Habtamu Minuyelet Alimaw, Dr Saurabh Arora,Mr Merkebu Aytenfisu Abab and Dr Deepak Bhanot


Mr Habtamu Minuyelet Alimaw receiving certificate from Dr. Deepak Bhanot

Mr Merkebu Aytenfisu Abab receiving certificate from Dr. Deepak Bhanot

We have successfully our completed training program on Warehouse Management for chemicals, medicines and reference materials at Arbro Pharmaceuticals Private Ltd, New Delhi from 18th-22nd October 2016 which was arranged specially for us. It was our good fortune to be associated with our experienced trainers – Dr Saurabh Arora, Dr Deepak Bhanot, Mr Vinod Chhabra, Mr Manish Ranjan, Dr Abhinav Garg and Mr Randhir Pratap Singh. We were able to relate as to how the training modules would prove useful towards improvements in our warehouse operations keeping in view of our current practices and available resources.

We were introduced to practical aspects of Supply Chain Management, LIMS and to a user friendly indigenous purchase inventory module-Marg ERP 9+, which could prove beneficial if implemented in our purchase and inventory control operations. Practical exposure to pharmaceuticals manufacturing , warehouse management systems, inventory control of raw materials, test samples, reference materials and finished products was a valuable addition to the theoretical training sessions.

Our latest engagement with Arbro group,like the previous ones, proved fruitful and we look forward to our continued mutually beneficial association.

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  1. Really I have the deepest appreciation to Dr. Deepak Bhanot because of his day and night effort to become a great professional and get a better knowledge in my life that he attached Analytical documents especially the Analytical high-tech instruments. Honestly speaking, I got a better knowledge regarding the Analytical Instruments such as AAS, Gc,GC/MS, HPLC, LC,LC/MS that you have sent through my e-mails daily……. Ohh how can I list them by this simple appreciation word for his contribution to my life!!!

    Hopefully, I will get a chance to meet you Dr. Deepak one day because I need the practical training in addition to the theoretical part but what I got challenged is, it is so difficult to cover all the costs of the training, transport cost, and other related costs. So, simply I will pray to get a scholarship that covers all costs.

    Until that Don’t forget for attaching the valuable terms through E-mail.

    Thank You!!


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