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I ,Mintwab Zellek Tilahun work as a Senior Analyst in Food physico-chemical laboratory in EFMHACA,Ethiopia. I am pleased to be here with my colleague Mr Mesfin Mezemir Abebe.I wish to thank you for providing me this opportunity.The training was very inspirational and energizing and full of lots of ideas and learning from experienced staff and was fully practical oriented. I learnt a lot from the experience and insight of scientists at Arbro. The Instructors are very very good and knowledgeable. They shared their knowledge and experiences with us.The training materials were clear, concise and easy to comprehend. Practical training was excellent. It made sense in my real world. Dr Deepak thank you for your personal concern for us for the last 15 days. We really appreciate that you cared enough to guide us in the right direction day after day for the past 15 days. Also we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the entire staff which was much appreciated. May God richly bless all that you do. Finally I would recommend this practical training to anyone anyone working in or interested in this field.  -Ms Mintwab Zellek Tilahun, Sr Analyst, Food Quality Assessment Directorate, Ethiopia

Myself and my colleague Ms Mintwab Zellek Tilahun came to Arbro Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Analytical Division from Ethiopia for training in Proximate food analysis,vitamins,pesticide residues and aflatoxins analysis sponsored by USP/TQM, Ethiopia for about 15 days. I found the training very useful in gaining relevant information for myself and my organization. In the first place we looked into details of each analysis practically with the motivated staff, highly qualified food scientists and coordinators who managed the schedule effectively within the available time. I didn’t have such extensive practical training before. Arbro is equipped with simple to high tech instruments like LC – MS/MS, GC – MS/MS and ICP – MS. We gained knowledge through Standard Operating Procedures and Standard Test Procedures on methods of analysis.The experience will be really helpful to select so many sophisticated instruments in our lab when we return to our country. In addition to our predetermined purpose we also saw Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer with graphite furnace, flame and mercury hydride analyser and other instruments available in the lab. Lastly I was impressed by their time management, space utilization and, workers motivation. In the future also many of our staff hope to come to see and share your best experience. I also thank all staff members for showing excellent hospitality and coordination to make the program a success. In this regard my special thanks go to Dr Deepak Bhanot, Vice President – Training and Development at our Arbro Pharmaceuticals Ltd.   -Mr Mesfin Mezemir Abebe,Toxicology Team, Coordinator, Food Quality Assesment Directorate,Ethiopia

Content,superb,delivery excellent. Good job,very enlightening and educating. Wouldn’t mind a supervisory advice from Dr Saxena fora PhD work.
Thank you Lab- training team.
-Esther Enaregha

Your portal on Laboratory Training is very succinct and useful.  It is treasure trove of technical information to all those working in the biotech and pharma industry.

– Harshavardhan

Thanks a lot.. I work in a company where people try to maintain their monopoly in GC’s and I never got a chance to learn what I always wanted to.
Your emails are very helpful in building up and expanding my knowledge about GC’s..
Keep up good work.


Arbro Pharmaceuticals Limited (analytical Division) is one of the best and competent analytical testing and training laboratory that have skilled and friendly professionals, latest and suitable equipment and facilities which customize official methods to produce reliable results. During my hands on training session in the laboratory, I acquire the necessary practical skills and expertise in pharmacopoeial standardized microbiological quality control testing of raw materials and finished pharmaceutical products and I assure that Arbro Pharmaceuticals Limited is an ideal place to obtain capabilities and technical competences on microbiological analysis of varieties of samples including food and pharmaceuticals.

– Birhan Moges Ejigu, Microbiological Analyst, Ethiopian Food Medicine and Healthcare Administration and Control Authority, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

The past one has been educative and informative just because you sacrificed to research for us all the world at high cost in terms of time resource and other requites. My scope in analytics has been extended simply because you have been resourceful to me. Continue with this kind of work to change the world for the better.

– Goldz Gambo

I have gone through the majority of the articles and find that all selected articles are very useful and interesting. It is well built, short and to the point, covering most of the related information. Please keep it on…
-Mrs. Manishi Agarwal [Ph.D., M.Tech.], General Manager – Technical & Regulatory, Bharat Rasayan Limited

Auriga Research Ltd a unit of Arbro Pharmaceuticals Ltd New Delhi is a pioneer in the field of laboratory training in India.I had the privilege to attend the programme on ICP-MS technique in July this year. The technique is making significant contributions in trace metals analysis in important areas such as environmental studies, phramacuticals,clinical research and foods.I am pleased to testify that the training experts at Auriga research are well informed and highly cooperative.Career counselling tips based on individual trainee needs are a useful component of their training programmes


A lot of thanks for all members of lab training teams and specially for Dr. Deepak Bhanot, & Dr, Arvind Bansal,, for thier best efforts for e-course of hplc, gc and pf.. this is very experinceful and knowledgeable contribution for working man..


Great site to polish and get deeper into the analytical field.keep it up!

-Roan Birgen

Thank you for your mail. I have taken note of the details in it and very I ma very grateful to you for your continued effort to make the scientific knowledge available to the world especially to some of us who may not have managed to have this opportunity to access it without your input.


This is really a nice piece and has done good to the Beginner analyst in cautiously reminding us before hand the risks involved in going against lab. safety rules.
-Wilcox itari

I’m greatful about Dr Deepak’s post on the guide and step to ploting calibration graph. Unestly these steps he gave out have served as a guid for me on analytical chemistry which i am studying as a course currently in university,
thank you so much Sir

This site has really added to the little I know about HPLC above all a motivation to me to move higher in my quest for excellence. I really need to get more from you guys, am presently rounding up the free HPLC class and I hope to get more involved in molecular biology techniques and others.
Keep the good work on guys.
-Technologist James from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka – Nigeria

I enjoyed your free e-course on paper Chromatography, especially the question segment. Keep up the good work of educating young and up coming scientists on special analytical techniques.
If the free e-course on paper Chromatography has finished, i will like to have a similar free e-course on Column, GC, Chromatography please
-Osuagwu, O. Stanly

Thank you very much the Lab training team for this very educating and informative post.
I now know the difference between quality control and quality assurance.
Thanks again
-Esther Enaregha

Really Thank you very much for you & your team , you have sharing the knowledge in all spheres of quality control especially. Really i have learnt lot of subject through your lab-training.com e mail .lab-training.com is one of the best e- learning centre.I hope so many peoples are getting benefit from lab-training.com .
once again thank you very much for ever for you & team
With Warm Regards

Lab-training.com is really a place to be as a practicing chemist. It has really cleared some doubts in the laboratory analytical works and shown what is called lab. Work made easy through her online video training.
Keep it up!
-Itari wilcox, Nigeria

Thank you for sharing such a wonderful article on ISO, your article is simple and super. it is very useful for everyone those who are working with ISO cert. company

Well informative site. Thanking you for your efforts for making this site
-Maheshkumar M sharma

Thanks for all your articles. Even the basic ones are useful as they lay the foundation of complex concepts to understand.

This is sankar from vizag, Andhra Pradesh. thank you very much for sending articles. Those are very useful for my carer growth and development my knowledge.
thanks & regards

I really appreciate your input into my carrer growth ,your articles have been of great assistance to my growth in the food industry,I hope to meet Dr Deepak Bhanot someday to share my personal thought with him.
– John

I really appreciate your input into my carrer growth ,your articles have been of great assistance to my growth in the food industry,I hope to meet Dr Deepak Bhanot someday to share my personal thought with him
Pavlina Dimou

I have found such great value in your articles !!!!!!!!!!! I am very very lucky that I found out your website. Also, I highly appreciate the fact that you SHARE your knowledge instead of pricing it and making it private, and unaccessible. That is very human . God bless you !
Pavlina Dimou