Third Training Program on Food Safety Auditing for Trainees from EFMHACA, Ethiopia

Dr Deepak Bhanot, Mr Henok Silesh Melakui,Ms Rahel Atakltie Molla and Mr Betre Getahun Mitiku

The last training program on Food Safety Auditing was conducted in end November 2017. This year’s beginning has seen another milestone as in about a month’s time two programs were run in succession one of which was on Food Safety Auditing. The Program conducted from 8th Jan-12th Jan 2018 was attended by 3 persons serving as food inspectors in EFMHACA, Ethiopia.

Dr Deepak Bhanot, Mr Henok Silesh Melakui,Ms Rahel Atakltie Molla and Mr Betre Getahun Mitiku
Dr Deepak Bhanot, Mr Henok Silesh Melakui,Ms Rahel Atakltie Molla and Mr Betre Getahun Mitiku

An exhaustive coverage was provided on the following key topics:

  1. Introduction to ISO
  2. Food Safety Management Systems and essential skills for inspectors
  3. Practical aspects of FBO audits
  4. Introduction to Indian FSSAI Food Safety manual
  5. Awareness of ISO:22000 standard
  6. Sampling
  7. Stability studies
  8. Good Auditing practices

The trainers shared their field experiences with the trainees in the interactive sessions. The trainees expressed their satisfaction with the material coverage and expressed their desire that such an exposure would be beneficial for their other colleagues serving in the same capacity in the organization.

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  1. can i get a one months training in spectroscopy and chromatography ,please?
    my institution can cover a round trip air ticket….

    1. Yes indeed . We can provide you the required training but we would like to have your specific requirements, if any for offering our suggestions.

      1. thank you for your reply! i want to get the training on NMR,HPLC,GC-MS techniques.
        as i have told you i am a researcher in on of the federal research institute found in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. i am very much interested to be technical rich in using instruments .They are volunteer to cover the air ticket.please arrange me some programe to get a chance for the training.

  2. Hello Doctor , I am Brian in Kampala , Uganda and we have started an association for Uganda Chemists and we have an idea of starting up UGANDA CHEMISTS ANALYTICAL LAB which is going to be research and intern based Lab , so we are seeking for assistance in terms of your technical advice, equipment like GC, AAS, UVVS, Analytical balance, Reference Standards and CRMS, So we will be so glad to receive your positive response.
    I am Kusiima Brian Publicity Secretary .
    Mobile: +256789544879

    1. Hi Kusiima, We are glad to note that your organization is planning to setup a state of art laboratory in Uganda which will provide provide quality research and testing services .As we have over two decades expertise in analytical testing and are currently in the process of setting up two more advanced laboratories ourselves we shall welcome the idea of sharing our skills and expertise with your organization in setup of your prestigious project. You are welcome to share further details so that we can proceed further.


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