Developing the right aptitude for a career in analytical chemistry

Analytical chemistry provides ample career opportunities to a fresh person graduating from university. Numerous fields of activity are elaborated in our earlier article titled- 125 job profiles for an analytical chemist. In short analytical chemistry provides openings in the following domains: Basic research and development Applied research almost in every discipline Academic teaching Commercial testing […]

Contributions of Analytical Chemistry

Analytical Chemistry is an applied branch of chemistry that concerns with the study of chemical composition of materials in terms of composition and how much quantity of each component is present. It proved indispensable to our understanding of basic branches of chemistry, such as, organic, inorganic, physical and biochemistry. The analytical techniques have made possible […]

Evolution & Importance of Analytical Chemistry

Analytical Chemistry is the oldest branch of Chemistry and is the foundation block on which other branches, namely, inorganic, organic, physical and biochemistry have grown to their present level. Understanding of these branches would not have been possible without an understanding and application of principles of Analytical chemistry. It has provided us a glimpse of […]