pH Electrodes for Different Applications

pH measurement has become a critical control parameter in research, product development, manufacturing operations and clinical diagnosis. This means that the measurement requires special considerations depending on the nature of sample, available quantity and volume. Apart from laboratory measurements pH plays a crucial role in online measurements, soils, fruits and vegetables, meat products, processed foods, […]

pH Measurements of Uncommon Solutions

You are often required to report pH of solutions such as strong acids, strong alkalis and non-aqueous solutions. Under such circumstances you are sure to question the reliability of your results. In this article you will be offered some useful suggestions on how to ensure high degree of accuracy and reliability of your results when […]

Correct Handling and Care of pH meter

A pH meter can be seen in all laboratories irrespective of size – School laboratory College laboratory, University research laboratory, Commercial products testing laboratory, Industrial laboratory or even a national level laboratory. A laboratory may not be equipped with sophisticated instruments such as AAS, GC, HPLC, LC – MS or FT – IR but it […]