Practical Strategies to Overcome Challenges of Poorly Soluble Drugs

Many existing drug compounds as well as those coming out of discovery are poorly soluble and need special efforts to be formulated into drug products. Depending on the therapeutic area, as many as 80% of new drugs are classified as poorly soluble. The development of poorly soluble molecules pose significant challenges in product design and […]

Free E-Course on Pharmaceutical Preformulation: Basics and Industrial Applications

Certificate course planned for launch in 2014. Drug molecules are rarely administered alone. They are administered as dosage forms or formulations. Before any formulation development is initiated, the drug molecule is characterized for certain fundamental physical, chemical properties and physico-technical properties. A thorough understanding of these properties allows science based development of formulations, by enabling […]

What would you like to learn after the Pharmaceutical Preformulation E-Course?

Our recent Free E-Course titled “Pharmaceutical Preformulation: Basics and Industrial Applications” has been quite successful with your support. We are happy to share with you that more than 1700 people from over 100 countries have so far participated in our online course on pharmaceutical preformulation and more and more are joining the course each day. […]