Unit Conversion Charts for the Analytical Chemist

Unit Conversion Charts for the Analytical Chemist
chemical analysis measurements
Chemical analysis measurements

An analytical chemist needs to express analytical data in units which may require conversion to other units for ease of calculation and communication of results. Most modern analytical techniques are capable of expressing results in different units at the push of a button but a basic understanding of inter-conversions and factors involved is essential to gain confidence on results that you communicate.

Measurement units commonly used in analytical work introduced you to the common units that you come across while doing your routine analysis. However, it would be a big help if you have ready access to the interconversion charts. In the present article simple interconversion charts are presented on units that you are likely to come across during routine laboratory activities.


From To

Conversion Factor

cm mm 10
cm m 10-1
m cm 102
mm µm 103
µm mm 10-3










From To

Conversion factor

sec m sec 103
sec µsec 106
sec nano sec 109
sec Pico sec 1012
m sec sec 10-3
µ sec sec 10-6
nanosec sec 10-9
pico sec sec 10-12














From To Conversion Fcator
gm mg 103
gm µg 106
gm ηg 109
gm pg 1012
mg gm 10-3
µg gm 10-6
ηg gm 10-9
pg gm 10-12



From To

Conversion Factor

lit ml 103
lit µl 106
ml lit 10-3
ml µl 103
µl ml 10-3
µl lit 106
From To Conversion Factor
OC OF (OC-32)x 5/9
OF OC (OCx9/5)+32
OC OK OC+273.15
From To Conversion Factor
calories milli calories 103
calories joules 4.184
joules calories 0.239
Electrical Units
From To Conversion Factor
amperes milliamperes 103
milli amperes amperes 10-3
amperes micro amperes 106
micro amperes amperes 10-6
volts millivolts 103
volts microvolts 106


From To Conversion Factor
moles millimoles X103
millimoles moles X10-3
ppm (mg/l) ppb(µg/l) X103
ppm (mg/l) ppt (ηg/l) X106
ppb ppm X10-3
ppt ppm



From To Conversion Factor
bar pascal 105
bar psi 14.50
pascal torr 0.0075
torr pascal 133.32
mm of Hg atmosphere 0.00132
mm of Hg pascal 133.32
mm of Hg torr 1
psi bar 0.0689
psi pascal 6894.75
psi torr 51.72
psi mm of Hg



From To Conversion Factor
meters µm 106
µm meters 10-6
cm µm 104
µm cm 10-4
λ µm wavenumber (cm-1) 104/ λ (m µ)
wavenumber (cm-1) λ µm

104/ / λ (cm-1 )

The charts would serve as a ready reference and will save your valuable time spent otherwise searching for conversion factors. Hopefully the information would prove to be useful.

Please feel free to offer your comments on the compilation.

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